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residence suites oia…

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residence suites oia…

My experience at Residence Suites was so terrible that i think that something should be done to warn other gullible people. Anyone interested?


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1. Re: residence suites oia…

hmm - I don't think I would believe a word you said really. You made a comment on your review of the Malabar House - enraged that at 7.05am the full breakfast wasn't available when they SAID IT WAS AVAILABLE FROM 7.00AM. The cheek.

Well south india is south india and things don't really happen on time. And five minutes??!! And who has breakfast at 7am on holiday anyway. And you said it was the worst service ever and yet that was the only thing you could point out. Although you could have toast.

Sound a bit spoiled to me.

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2. Re: residence suites oia…

bonjour pouvez vous m'en dire plus sur votre sejour a residence suites à oia, merci, chambre, vue, ....

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3. Re: residence suites oia…


Je vous déconseille fortement ce lieu...Prix exorbitants pour la qualité et le confort.C'est tout simplement une arnaque. Tout est déglingué,la déco n'est pas à la hauteur, le petit déjeuner est médiocre,et on essaye de vous avoir jusqu'au bout avec les transferts aéroport sensés être privés mais qui se révèlent être collectifs.

La vue est belle pourtant, OIa est superbe...

Pour le même prix (250 euros la nuit à l'époque) où presque,il y a Ikies, superbement situé et impécablement tenu ou Finikia's Place mais qui n'est pas sur la caldera mais dans le village de Finikia situé à 10 minutes à pied. Vous trouverez sur Tripadvisor beaucoup d'avis allant dans mon sens si je me souviens bien.Méfiez-vous des jolies photos de leur site...

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4. Re: residence suites oia…

When you pay 300 euros a night, and you go to a Relais Château, you are entitled to expect a minimum of service...

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5. Re: residence suites oia…

Hi, for what it is worth, I stayed at Residence Suites in July this year and really enjoyed it.

Found it to be beautifully decorated, spotlessly clean, and really very classy. Important, perhaps, to note that it is not a 4 seasons, thick carpeted luxury hotel. It is comprised of traditional greek homes built into the cliff face. Bathrooms don't have windows because they are at the back of the house (ie IN the cliff side), and beds are on stone bases.

The terraces are small because they are built on steep inclines, and everything in Oia is little. That is the beauty of it. The pool is not for someone who needs to do 30 lengths to get their exercise, it is for cooling off in the heat of the sun. And for this, it is perfect.

Equally, breakfast is greek style, rather than 'standard' hotel breakfasts you might find in other towns and places. It is a simple buffet, just honest (eg yogurt, compote, cheeses, salad, cakes, fruits), and I really enjoyed it.

It really depends what you are looking for. This is not the lap of luxury in the usual sense but I would say is real understated class. The photographs, I thought, were pretty honest. I stayed in the studio room with the painting on the wall that looks like long, grey baguettes, and it is exactly as it looks on the site.

Guess your experience depends a lot on your expectations.

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6. Re: residence suites oia…

thank a lot for your explanation... is that far from the center ?

i have been to oia several times but this time i go with some friends and i think they will enjoy to stai in the cliffs..

i go to see the prices but i wanted to thank you for your long explanation !


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7. Re: residence suites oia…

merci ! j'étais sur le point de m'intéresser à cet hotel.... ouf!

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