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Barefoot Apartment-1 Bedroom/ Sleeps 2-St.Vincent

Barefoot Apartment-1 Bedroom/ Sleeps 2-St.Vincent
Barefoot Apartment-1 Bedroom/ Sleeps 2-St.Vincent
Barefoot Apartment-1 Bedroom/ Sleeps 2-St.Vincent
Barefoot Apartment-1 Bedroom/ Sleeps 2-St.Vincent
Barefoot Apartment-1 Bedroom/ Sleeps 2-St.Vincent
Barefoot Apartment-1 Bedroom/ Sleeps 2-St.Vincent
Barefoot Apartment-1 Bedroom/ Sleeps 2-St.Vincent
Petit St.Vincent
Logement à louer – 
1 Chambre, 1 salle de bains, 2 couchages

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Bristol, Royaume-Uni
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“A bit of a nightmare!”
2 5 étoiles Avis écrit le 2 février 2011 Séjour en janvier 2011
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This is rather a long tale but if you are thinking of staying here and you are light sleepers, please read on! Young people need not read on as you will probably like it!!

I found Barefoot Apartments on the net and was tempted by the pictures of the apartments and their view. There were four apartments and each room had a sofa to lounge on looking out across the sea. It was a shame that in reality it was not quite as good. Actually they were rooms, not apartments, with a shower room in the corner, so not very big. Although the room itself was quite attractive, there were several things wrong which could easily have been put right for example:
There was nowhere to sit indoors apart from a very hard stool at the foot of the bed or the bed itself. If there hadn't have been other people staying in the next three apartments I would have asked to change rooms as the other rooms did have sofas and as I have a bad back this was quite important to me. Admittedly I did not mention this when booking as each room I looked at on the web site had a sofa. The headboard was not attached to the bed so when one sat up in bed it would move away from the wall. It was difficult to use the reading lights as the headboard was in front of them. The room had air-conditioning but the on/off switch was 7 feet up the wall so we could not reach it to turn it off - there were no other controls! The shower area was unfinished and the shower curtain hung inside out, was stained and torn at the bottom. Two of the towels had holes in them, one of them at least an inch wide. This may be 'nit picking' as the saying goes, but so easy to change.

The worst thing about our stay at Barefoot was the noise. The apartments are right next to the road so we were disturbed by road noise but that could not be helped. The floor in the room was so thin we heard constant noise from the staff below from early morning through till late at night. Also the rooms are not sound proofed so we could hear every bit of noise from the rooms either side of us.
But the worst noise of all came from the staff. The apartment block had a security guard who greeted his mate early in the morning ( 4.30am) every morning with laughter and chat. The first time my husband went and asked them if they would keep the noise down and they did until 6am when more staff came in so there was no sleep from then on. When the noise disturbed us again the next morning (5am) my husband had to ask again a bit louder this time! After I emailed the manager/part owner (who we had not seen) it became quieter until the usual 6am comings and goings. We were becoming very tired.

The noise came to a head when one night at 2.30am someone tried to get into our room. They rattled the door handle and tried to fit a key into the lock, luckily the door was locked from the inside. My husband shouted out 'Go away you have the wrong room' but there was no reply. I begged him not to open the door. After that we were very edgy and could not sleep. An hour later the same thing happened and by now it was becoming scary. The security guard should have been literally under our room which is where he usually sat so why had he not seen this person who was now trying even harder to get into our room? I was becoming rather frightened as we had heard all sorts of stories about some islands but had never had any trouble before. Again we shouted out 'Go away or I am going to ring the police'! As we had no emergency contact number for the apartments I was very tempted to ring the police. I banged on the walls and floor to see if I could raise the security guard to no avail - perhaps he was asleep - soundly asleep! We were wide awake by now no chance of sleep. Then an hour later again, at 4.30am, the same thing happened. My husband was now furious and flung open the door to see what was going on. There was a large man staring at him and when he was asked what he thought he was doing he replied 'I must have the wrong room'! Three times in a row? I think not. So much for security guards. In the morning we told the reception staff who just about managed to ask each other who they thought it was, no look of shock or a sorry, they decided it must be a guest trying the wrong room!! No concern at all even when I asked if they realised how scary the whole thing was all through the night. Nothing! As their attitude appalled us I told them we had decided to leave Barefoot early as we were not getting enough sleep then I emailed the manager/owner again but had no response then or afterwards when we complained. Not a satisfactory stay. The end!!!

There are two good things about Barefoot: Rosie the lovely cleaner and the restaurant Driftwood on site.

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Grenadine Island Villas
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