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Maison des 'Etoiles in the World Heritage Site

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3 Chambres, 2 salles de bains, 8 couchages

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“Best view in the Caribbean!”
5 5 étoiles Avis écrit le 15 avril 2013 Séjour en avril 2013
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This is a wonderfully unique home on the shoulder of the Grand Piton in perhaps the most photographed site in the Caribbean. Waking up to a view of the smaller Piton and the sea beyond it from your bed is an unbelievable experience. Note that the grand piton blocks the sunset view, at least in April, but the changing colors of the mountains over the course of the day bring to mind Chartres!

The place will not be right for everyone but will be perfect beyond expectation for lots of people. It's directly above Sugar beach and not far from the beginning of the nature trail to the top of the Grand Piton. Nevertheless, it feels a bit off the beaten path, literally being at the end of a rough dirt road through the neighboring cocoa plantation. Its open air design ensures you are sharing the house with birds, geckos, bats and other animals, but frankly that is often the case with high end Caribbean resorts. There are bugs naturally, but they were not a major nuisance. I stopped wearing bug spray after the first night. Bring a flashlight. The house is dark and quirky, there are lots of little steps to trip you up and it is easy to imagine little kids getting into real trouble at this house. Also not good for older guests who can't handle stairs.

All of the all-inclusive, Sandals-type resorts are in the north of St Lucia, but the fancy resorts on secluded beaches are nearby around the Pitons area. All the best scuba/snorkel spots are in the Piton area, and there are some great Atlantic Ocean beaches to the south that Tourists rarely frequent. But everything is a bit of a drive to get to.

The best decision we made was to hire Pius the caretaker as a driver for the week. A quiet, pleasant guy, he'll take you anywhere on the island any time day or night. Unless you plan on sitting and staring at the sea all day (a totally legitimate use of your time at Maison des Etoilles), you really want a local person to take you around, even if it is just go to the beach.

For scuba we dove with Nathaniol Chester at Aqua Adventurer - we highly recommend him. His operation off of hummingbird beach is small and he's a very personable guy. We dove 3 days with him, the highlight of our trip. Plus the shack next door serves great fish cakes.

We drove up north to ride horses on the beach. A great experience with Fidel and his trail guide Kennedy (i kid you not!) at Holiday stables near Rodney Bay. They have the best horses. But it's a helluva a drive, and we vowed never to do it again. There is plenty to keep you occupied in the south.

If you are looking for solitude or are up for making your own fun, this is a great choice. If you prefer a resort where the beds are turned down or activities are organized for you, you should not consider this a cheaper alternative to Club Med or Jade Mountain.

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5 5 étoiles Service
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Réponse de la direction
14 avr. 2013
Thank you for the wonderful review! We are glad that you enjoyed your stay with us in our little piece of heaven. Best regards, Mary, Pius, David and Patricia
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Columbus, Ohio, United States
1 avis
2 votes utiles 2 votes utiles
“Beautiful view but difficult to get to”
3 5 étoiles Avis écrit le 9 décembre 2011 Séjour en juin 2011
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This is a beautiful home with a spectacular view. My wife and I arrived, and we were greeted warmly by the owner and an employee who helped carry in our luggage. The owner showed us around and told us about the property. He also told us the "rules" which included: turning off lights and appliances, especially at night, and EVERY time we left the house, he wanted us to call him so he could "walk up the hill" to stay in the house. Since the home was completely open (it had only 3 walls) it seemed a bit unnerving that anyone could gain access to the inside if they wanted to. The owner assured us it was completely safe, and he'd never had any issues. However, the house needed to be "babysat" while we were away. I found this a bit annoying, as every time my wife and I went out (most evenings) we knew someone was at the home waiting for us to return. It made it difficult to stay out late knowing we were keeping the owner up. There are a few things lacking with the home as well: fresh, fluffy large towels for the shower and pool. We were given mismatched towels and the pool towels were old and faded. We only had new towels every 3 days. My wife especially did not like that! In addition, the lighting in the home is terrible! At night it gets very dark and early too, so by 7 pm. we could barely see unless we turned on every light in the kitchen/dining room, etc. The bathroom lights were so dim my wife complained every time she tried to apply makeup or get ready. It was impossible to see in the shower and don't even think about reading in bed! BRING A FLASHLIGHT and/or LANTERN! The last aspect of our stay that was difficult was the lack of privacy. I booked this property thinking we would be totally secluded and left alone. Boy was I mistaken. A local St. Lucian, Mary, comes daily to do light housekeeping. However, she is there 9 a.m.-4 p.m.! I found this totally unnecessary. She washed any dishes we had, made the bed and swept the floors, but she was there all day so we lacked any privacy. (We asked her to leave early several times.) Secondly, the owner, David, was building his own "innkeepers" hut just below the pool area. His construction was noisy and heard all day long. His home was just a stone's throw away, and we could often hear him on his cellphone. Anytime he left, he walked by the pool and could see us sunbathing and/or swimming. He also entered the home a few times to "talk" to us. (We had an issue with a broken water pump on the 2nd day.) Although he did get it fixed the same day, it was a disappointment knowing that at any moment he might walk in and ruin any privacy I thought I had. I was looking forward to a nice, relaxing vacation with no distractions. David was friendly and accommodating, but I would have preferred being alone with my wife.
I don't think I'd return to this home if I ever go back to St. Lucia. There are other places with the same breathtaking view that offer better accommodations and more privacy for the same price.

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3 5 étoiles Service
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Le moins apprécié: The lack of privacy
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Réponse de la direction
09 déc. 2011
It is true that the Villa has only three sides and consequently at night we have a lot of indirect outside lighting. It is also well know in the area that the Villa always has someone at the Villa, thus we never have had an issue. We encourage our guest to stay out as late as they wish because the security person so the guest feel that their belongings are safe while they are enjoying their evening out. We do give people a welcome letter which can be found on our web site which address many of our tenants concerns. Lighting in the Villa at night is not as bright as an enclosed Villa since we do not have walls to bounce light off of. Mary and the staff will not come to the Villa if the guest request privacy. Additional towels are always available by asking.

Construction was going on in front of the Villa but was completed in July of 2011.

We are truly sorry the guests felt as outlined in their comments, but they did not say anything while they where at the Villa. They talked about how much they enjoyed the stay at the Villa and would bringing additional family next time they came.. They thought it was great that we could get the pump fix in one day being a Sunday.
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5 5 étoiles Avis écrit le 24 avril 2011 Séjour en septembre 2010
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5 5 étoiles Rapport qualité / prix 5 5 étoiles Chambres
5 5 étoiles Emplacement 5 5 étoiles Propreté
5 5 étoiles Réception 5 5 étoiles Service
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24 avr. 2011
Thank you
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