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Costa Blanca - Stunning Villa with Large Pool

Front of Villa
Front of Villa
Front of Villa
Dining Area
La Zenia
Logement à louer – 
2 Chambres, 8 salles de bains, 6 couchages

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Avis des voyageurs TripAdvisor

Lisa B
Taunton, Royaume-Uni
2 avis
Avis dans 2 villes Avis dans 2 villes
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“Nice Villa but let down by misleading advertisement and poor managment”
2 5 étoiles Avis écrit le 3 août 2013 Séjour en août 2013
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Over all the Villa was ok nice use of space and the kitchen was fully functional however our Holiday was let down by several factors.
The Pool was absolutely gorgeous although due to poor maintenance it went green very quickly the management company did not return to clean the pool the first week as they stated when we arrived.My husband had to email him to get him around to get it sorted this took about 5 days all in all as the first day he turned the pump on and gave it a hoover!! Surely the pump should have already been on and chemicals added we also noticed that the pump timer was actually turned off at the fuse box, when we tested the pool water after he left there was no chlorine in it so again we had to contact them as the pool got greener this resulted in loss of use of the pool for at least 48 hours and 2 of our 3 children ending up with ear infections related or not I don't know however I feel the state of the water had a part to play never have either suffered with ear infections when travelling.
The WiFi cost 20 Euros a week and was very poor we constantly had to reset the rooter for the children to be able to access the internet.
Please also be aware the security and breakages deposit you give them is not all as it seems our deposit was not returned due to over usage of electricity!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolute Joke this should be covered in the price of the rental they charged us for ALL of the electric that was used over the two week period due to their word excessive use of AC.
As regular travellers we have never ever heard such a ridiculous excuse to keep someone's security deposit.(security not electric use) The house has 2 conservatory style rooms one being on top of the building thus making the house like an oven and one being classed as a bedroom upstairs which had obviously previously been a sun terrace which has been converted to a room by adding the conservatory on top of the terrace you could not breath in that room with out the air con on due the extreme heat temperatures that was between 30 and 40 degrees our whole stay.
I had two young children sleeping in that room there is no way as a parent I could allow them to sleep in there with out the unit on as that could be extremely damaging to their health and the mattress quality of the beds was very poor ok for a put me up bed but not suitable for 2 weeks all 3 of mine ended up in the one room come the end!
I would class this villa as a two bedroom as clearly using it a three is not fit for purpose if your getting charged extra for essential use of the air conditioning units.
Opening the windows was not an option as next door you have builders working grinding banging talking and coming in and out from 7 in the morning till about 7 at night sometimes later building a house 7 days a week something they do not state in the description.
The family bathroom is how I would describe as disgusting the shower unit was very wobbly and every time it moved black mould would fall from behind it making it un usable so we all used the shower/bath in the master bedroom however that also had one not so nice feature when you flushed the toilet the water pressurised through the bath waste pushing water (small amount) but still disgusting into the bath.
we had a Gazebo but when we first got there it had a massive hole in it the MC said they had ordered one and we would hopefully have it that week this didn't happen and the Tarpaulin quickly deteriorated leaving the garden and pool covered in bits of blue material I took it down myself in the end after explaining how bad it was.
we also had the pleasure of having a group of Russians turn up for a house viewing during our stay we were asked if this was ok and we agreed they could come over when we went out for the day but they didn't.
They turned up unannounced 2 days later and proceeded to walk around the house was I was still trying to get my children dressed!!!
we got an apology from the management company but with all of the above and the security deposit being kept due to usage of essential air con I felt I had no choice but to warn other travellers so they don't fall foul to the same thing.
The location of the property is also misleading in the description it says you are 5 mins from the beach and shops.
You need a car walking with young children in that heat is not an option 2.1 miles walking in 36 degree heat on main roads with no pathways is not safe luckily we had hired a car and didn't experience that but feel sorry for the next people who haven't hired a car.
I would also like to add that although this property is advertised on ebay you can not buy it through ebay this I would not recommend as you have no protection if not satisfied as we have found out very clever but something I think everyone should be aware of if your not happy or experience what we have you don't have a leg to stand on to complain.

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Le plus apprécié: The pool when clean and usable
Le moins apprécié: Paying for all the electric we used during our stay.
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