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Drinks on the Patio watching the sun go down
Drinks on the Patio watching the sun go down
Drinks on the Patio watching the sun go down
Beautiful sunsets
Sunset from the Lounge
Outside living by the Pool
Entertainment Centre
Koh Samui
Appartement de copropriété/Appartement – 
3 Chambres, 3 salles de bains, 6 couchages

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Northampton, England, United Kingdom
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“Lovely apartment...if you don't mind the climb!”
4 5 étoiles Avis écrit le 5 février 2014 Séjour en janvier 2014
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The apartment itself was absolutely beautiful, the pictures provided on here really didn't do it justice. The owner provided us with a raft of "do's and don'ts" via email before we left and so we knew the rules and regulations as well as how to use everything once we were there. His accommodation Manager met us at the Airport and arranged for a taxi to take us to the apartment, showed us around, gave us the keys and explained about what to do with the laundry at the end of our stay. She also arranged a taxi to collect us for our flight home again.

Naively I had not realised that the amazing views came at a "price"...a jaw-droppingly steep hill from the main road at the bottom of the hill to the Apartment, which I (almost jokingly) renamed Heart Attack Hill or M.I. Mountain. This takes about 5-6 minutes to walk down (slowly due to it's steep nature) and about 10 minutes to walk up (very slowly with several stops to catch your breath). I am the first to admit that I am not the fittest person on this planet...but even our two "fit and healthy" teenagers struggled to get up the hill in one go without a rest to catch their breath. Yes, you can get a taxi to take you to the top of the hill if you've been out for the day somewhere...but if you're only popping to the local shops and back for provisions then you'll have to make the trek on foot. It's hard going, especially with bags of shopping or when you've just had a big meal at one of the local beware the hike!

The local amenities are a little sparse compared to Chewang, Lamai or Fisherman's Village (in Bho Phut) but there is a market on the main road which provides you with local fresh fish, meat and veg as well as a fresh fruit stand/shop which can prepare fruit (coconuts, pineapples etc.) for you to save the hassle. There are also Tesco Lotus and 7/11 convenience stores within walking distance and these provide the basics; milk, bread, water, ham, cheese etc. as well as some fantastically flavoured crisps for snacking! There's a couple of restaurants within walking distance of the apartment (and they do an amazing Thai Curry or late-night Pizza to take away!) but if you're looking for more variety you have to be prepared to travel.

If you're not feeling adventurous enough to hire a Moped and aren't willing to risk coming home with the notorious "Thailand Tattoo" road rash/injuries caused by your body suddenly and rapidly parting company with said vehicle, then the open-to-the-elements "Tourist Taxis" are by far the best and cheapest way to travel, rather than the more formal, official and more expensive (in our experience) looking taxis. Make sure you agree a price with a driver before you get in the a guide, it should be about 200 baht to Chewang or Fisherman's village (for two people) and about 400 baht to Lamai (again for two people). If there's four of you, add about another 100 baht to the prices given above...any more and you're paying above the average.

For lively night-time entertainment and restaurants and bars by the dozen, head to Chewang. There is also a stunning beach there with some lovely "on the beach" eateries, although the beach sellers can wear your patience a little thin after a while. Most of the hotels along the beach will happily loan you their sun loungers and umbrellas and will move them for you to your preferred location on the beach for the cost of a couple of drinks; two sun loungers and an umbrella cost £4 for the whole day. The beach at Lamai is quieter, as is the resort area itself, but well worth the trip in a "Tourist Taxi" across the island to get to. Fisherman's Village (about five minutes drive away) is well worth a visit as the restaurants and shops there offer a more chilled out experience to Chewang. The most amazing street market takes place on a Friday evening in Fisherman's Village...come hungry and come thirsty as there's more than enough to satisfy even the hungriest of appetites and strongest of alcohol-related constitutions. Stalls and stalls of "street food" from soft shell crab to BBQ ribs (cut and weighed to suit your appetite and purse), chicken and pork kebabs, fish, sausages, fresh cakes, pancakes, fruit, salads...the list of food is endless, as is the variety of lethally alcoholic (but amazingly tasty and cheap!) cocktails that leave you needing the crowds to hold you upright after you've slurped a couple. Save your "souvenir buying" until this'll struggle to find your gifts for loved ones cheaper and more plentiful than here.

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Le plus apprécié: The apartment itself and the pool were amazing
Le moins apprécié: The hike up the hill!
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