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St. George Island
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4 Chambres, 4 salles de bains, 10 couchages

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Hinesville, Géorgie
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common_n_hotel_reviews_1bd8 1 vote utile
“Black Mold, Horrible communication with rental company”
2 5 étoiles Avis écrit le 28 mai 2014 Séjour en mai 2014
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We rented this house through a company we hadn't remembered using (in all 24 years of us coming down to the island) St. George Island Vacation Properties. The first house we chose was not this one, but a different home which we had to change due to work schedule conflicts. The second house we chose, upon using the virtual tour on the website had pieces of carpet cut out and placed back in instead of just replacing the carpet and the reviews were HORRIBLE, so we decided to change to this home. We should have more than likely just changed companies instead. This home could be a beautiful home had it not had a gaping hole in the laundry room and had the guest cottage not had serious issues with mold. We started calling the company the second day we were in the home since the first was a Sunday. We called every day after that until Wednesday when they finally decided to take us serious after getting chewed out on the phone and they moved us to a new home. I'm not sure if there is just utter lack of communication on their part or just someone who doesn't take their job all that serious. Even when they did send someone out, which she was quite nice, she even admitted during the "inspection" that she never saw the hole in the ceiling and the bucket to catch the water in the laundry room or the mold coming out of the attic entrance. They sent a plumber which was pointless and there wasn't anything he could even do and after that they seemed to just blow off the problem until someone raised hell. It shouldn't come to that. Maybe that was the miscommunication part?? Maybe the secretary who made it seem like mold wasn't a big deal didn't pass it on to the rest of the staff? If that's the case then she needs retrained or fired to find another job that she can adequately do. We also had issues with asking wether or not we could get into the home a bit early on checking in being that we had our 84 year old grandmother who recently had surgery and my mother who has had brain surgery as well. Their answer was that we couldn't and they couldn't even guarantee us in there until five, though they would check with the cleaners who supposedly had the keys to our home. Turns out it hadn't been cleaned at all, even the receptionist and the property manager admitted that the owners had cleaned the last time they were there which seemed to be March according to the calendar,and that they hadn't cleaned before we came. It was quite obvious they hadn't since a gross disgusting rag and chocolate was in my bedside table and the entire house just smelled musty and dead spiders were EVERYWHERE. The point that we were told repeatedly that we couldn't check in until cleaning and inspection were done (which one didn't happen at all and the other not very thoroughly) was just a joke and also a HUGE inconvenience. If that was the reasoning behind us not being able to check in early (being we have checked in early at many of the other companies) then the house should have been absolutely spotless and they should have already caught the mold and moved us houses at the beginning instead of the inconvenience of half way through the week. This company or some employees in the company just do not function well. The house they moved us to was beautiful and I give them credit for that which is why they received a poor instead of terrible mark. We also received no credit back for the inconvenience of having to live half the week breathing mold and the inconvenience of having to make an 84 year old and two small children and six adults move halfway through the week. Another of the many downs were that in the cottage over the garage there is no dresser to put your clothes and the only place to hang them were underneath the mold. Now for the good. If they get it together this house could actually be a beautiful place to stay. It was a gorgeous house just in all the wrong hands. It was nice for children and adults especially with anyone traveling with an older family member as there is a bedroom on the bottom level and it has its own bath. The furniture and everything is beautiful and the house is quite comfortable. It was great with two small children as well being it has two twin sleeper chairs up top and there is a resident frog that visits nightly on the top porch which the babies loved. The screen in porches are great and the walk to the beach is easy. The home they moved us to was beautiful as well. They did a great job with letting us choose a home and both homes they gave us the option to stay in were BEAUTIFUL!! The recovery and getting us moved into a great home was awesome of them, it just should have been done at the very beginning instead of us having to move an entire house halfway through. Overall the home didn't make the vacation stressful the communication between employees in the comapny did. I understand they said the receptionist/secretary was new but being new doesn't account for being naïve and unhelpful. There was almost no "care" found in this company and everytime we talked to them until we threatened stopping payment and posting on tripadvisor there was no compassion or give a care about the situation. They need to realize there are other companies on the island that treat their guests with respect and care. After coming down for 24 years this was an allover disappointment. Also if you are going to inconvenience your guests at least offer a partial refund or credit back. The ratings below will reflect the condition it was in when rented.

3 5 étoiles La réservation a-t-elle été facile ? 4 5 étoiles L'itinéraire donné était-il correct ?
1 5 étoiles La remise des clés/l'accès à la location ont-ils été faciles ? 2 5 étoiles État général de la location
3 5 étoiles Literie 3 5 étoiles Cuisine et ustensiles
3 5 étoiles Propreté de la salle de bains 3 5 étoiles Autres équipements
2 5 étoiles Service
Le plus apprécié: The home was comfortable and great for older family members and children.
Le moins apprécié: The mold, the holes in the ceiling and the inept worker.
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2 avis
common_n_hotel_reviews_1bd8 5 votes utiles
“Main house great! Garage apartment mold! Check in bad!”
3 5 étoiles Avis écrit le 24 mai 2014 Séjour en mai 2014
Google Traduction

Second try to post review: main house very pretty, screened porch is wonderful for morning g coffee, but.... If the mold problem ja not taken care of don't even consider staying in the garage apartment! Mold musty smell was so bad we had to sleep with the screen door open at night! Key to apartment did not work at check in, dead spider in floors, other unmentionables , dryer vent jammed closed , it's a wonder house did not burn down ! This rental started bad to begin with, when we realized first house was in bad shape with patched up carpet , changed off to this house and was old it was "inconvient" to the help to change it! And don't even think about an early checking, even though we had an 84 year old great grandmother, a 3 year old and some one with a medical disability that need to lie down! Thankfully after four nights of breathing mold they moved us to Camilla's Cottage, a beautiful home! Only trouble there was the live baby scorpion on the kitchen floor! Shame they didn't move us sooner ! There is no chest of drawers in the apartment and we couldn't hang out clothes in the closet ( we were waiting for them to remove the molded drywall)

3 5 étoiles Rapport qualité / prix 4 5 étoiles Chambres
4 5 étoiles Emplacement 3 5 étoiles Propreté
2 5 étoiles Service
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St. George Island Vacation Properties
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