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Eat Play Swim on Silver Lake Traverse City

Traverse City
Logement à louer – 
3 Chambres, 2 salles de bains, 10 couchages

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Philadelphie, Pennsylvanie
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27 avis 27 avis
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“Nice house, over priced, some maintenance issues, on a busy road”
2 5 étoiles Avis écrit le 20 août 2012 Séjour en Août 2012
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We stayed at this house for a week during August 2012. The house itself is beautiful, but I have to subtract points for it being over-priced compared to other properties (we found this out later), very close to a road - and it has some maintenance issues.

First, the road issue. When they say there is limited parking they are not joking. It feels as if you are parking on the shoulder of a busy highway. We were scared to let our kids get anything out of the back of the car while we were there - we only allowed them directly in or out of the house under our supervision. We were honked at a few times while we were loading/unloading the car - and also when trying to back out - you can't easily see down the road and people drive fast around that corner.

Road noise starts early in the morning - and you will have headlights shining across the walls of the master bedroom as you are trying to go to sleep and the cars come around the corner. The neighbors will also politely come over and ask you to move your car if you are on their parking spot. It is very tight - not a house that you want to rent if you have people coming to visit or multiple families, for sure.

We also were disappointed with the window blinds on the master bedroom. The blinds don't block the headlights from the road - and the lower windows in the master bedroom have no blinds at all. So you'd better hope that no-one is looking up from the road or the neighboring properties if you are walking around the master bedroom after a shower! This was a nuisance.

There were several maintenance issues. One of the picture windows in the master bedroom had a failed seal, so it was a big ugly mess to look at. We kept that blind down - but that meant we had less of a view. It looked like it had been this way for a while. We also had problems with the railings next to the front door - looks like they are coming apart and there is a big drop-off down to the lower level. Be careful. Lastly, it looks like the parking area is held up by a big retaining wall that is having subsidence issues - I was a little nervous parking there, but there's no other space.

We did call in one maintenance issue and it was fixed promptly. We called in the issue with the railings also, but that was not fixed before we left. We did not call in the other repair issues (failed window seal, insufficient air conditioning etc.) as those did not seem to be things that we could expect to get fixed while we were there (and neither did we want to add work crews to the stress!)

Air conditioning in the downstairs bedrooms is a problem. Our children complained of the heat and it was not a hot week - there is one wall mounted unit but it is in the corridor area, not the bedrooms. If you have to close the bedroom doors for privacy then you also shut off the cold air (again, a problem if you have extended family or friends staying). There were no fans for those bedrooms.

I will give credit for a beautiful location at dawn. The sunrises are beautiful and this is a peaceful time of day (no traffic!!) There is also a nice lower deck level that you can enjoy early in the morning - and it has a hot tub. The two kayaks that came with the house were fun - and the kids did use them.

Generally the house was clean, although there were visible stains on the furniture and carpets in the living areas - and we found someone else's underwear and socks underneath one of the beds when we were clearing up before we left. Perhaps the house-keeper needs some encouragement to check under there!

If this house was in a quieter location, well maintained, cleaner and more reasonable in price, I could see someone giving it five stars - it has that potential. However, with the maintenance issues and noisy road location I can only give it at most two. And if you'd asked me when I first got there - probably only one. I'd be surprised if this house gets any return business.

We did have a good week visiting all the sights in the area though - we just made the most of it by minimizing the time at the house.

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