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Depuis oct. 2012

Femme de 18-24 ans

Québec (ville), Canada

wanderer of the round world Bonjour ,I may not be in my 20 yet ,But traveling have tooka really important place in my mind and soul.Being amaze by the natural beauty of the world and the encounter on the way, See things from a different angle and therefore live of differences ...they are some of the things that I live for and that drives me when I travel . My traveler type is on a budget . A really small one - but it doesn't mean I don't do much or see much . . When I plan my vacation - I plan without planning that's the fun of it . One day - somes adresses and place I can go - and there you go the day began. But I always have equipements and transportation informations !I like different activites , being adventurous , seen unique and weird things i wouldn't experience if I wasn't there . Ive been working in hotel for some years . I have therefore a perceptive both form the hotel and client side . I think it's a +++ when I make a review! AUrevoir
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