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Wherever possible I prefer to drive rather than fly. As this is a bit limiting I fly whenever necessary if time or distance is an issue. I've been many things in my life but, now I'm a published author, I like holidays that give me time to write. I wrote my last novel, 'The Fox & The Fish', in Loutro, Crete. I'm currently writing a longer novel about the Antikythera Device and it's travels around Europe since it's discovery in 1902. We have visited all the places mentioned in my story and have followed the same route as one of the protagonists from Italy through Switzerland and into Germany before returning through France. I like to travel in an impromptu fashion with as few arrangements and plans as I can get away with. The picture is of Lucy, our pet stuffed rabbit. Lucy has accompanied our travels for eighteen years. During that time she has traveled half the world and seen everything we have since Bryony's son Tim won her at Blackpool on a shooting gallery. (Tin cans, not Rabbits.)

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