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Depuis janv. 2005

Habite à : Doncaster, England

Femme de 35-49 ans

I am a former travel consultant who remains obsessed with all things 'travel!' I love visiting new destinations and like to be among the first to visit new and up and coming destinations. I don't really like to holiday in touristy destinations and therefore have never visited Mainland Spain, Corfu, Crete and the usual suspects (until 4th May 2007 when I decided to spend my hen weekend in Lloret!) preferiing to explore destinations with more character such as my honeymoon destination, Zanzibar (May/June 2007) and little known Greek islands. As I'm now in my thirties, my holiday criteria has matured and I now prefer to be more adventurous, taking time to explore a new country and absorbing the history and culture. I return to the UK full of knowledge rather than just with a cracking suntan. I'm willing to give and take advice on any destination, especially with my background in travel and also visiting many far flung destinations with work-it'd be a waste to keep my views to myself!

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