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What to tell...I like to travel with my husband. We mostly travel with the idea of discovering a country by hiking . We did this with Armenia, Argentina, Morocco, the Canadien Rockies .we like to plan our own trip and are until now lucky to be healthy enough to do so. We never had a bad experience. When we travel like this, we need a certain comfort. Camping is not for us any more, but there are exceptions like when we walked through the desert for 3 days. We usually look for small local hotels , which we research on the Internet , guidebooks etc and double check with reviews mostly from tripadvisor. With time you become used to the different styles of reviews and can tell which ones would be in your line of taste. I am usually much more severe with big international hotel chains, because they are supposed to live up to their standards and high prices. Quaint local hotels sometimes cannot be as 'clean' as American standards,but still be acceptable. Travel style? It all depends .

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