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Depuis mai 2009

Habite à : Lausanne, Suisse

Homme de 35-49 ans

I've been in a nursing school long time ago. I keep some knowledge in medical issues that are often useful on the road. For me and for the others. In my life, I've been a cashier assistant in a supermarket, a barman in a rock-punk club, a records seller (LP/CD), a delivery driver for a flowers shop and for a medicines company, a nurse assistant in old people's home and home care, a journalist, a political secretary in a left wing party, I've been elected in the City parliament where I used to live. I've been a union secretary for almost ten years now. I'm also involved in a Human Rights NGO and did a specific training in Human Rights and in International Humanitarian Law. I've been on the road many times up to one year in the 90's, but can only travel for short trips now, because of my professional activities (up to one month). Nevertheless, I still travel the same way: a light backpack (< 11 kg), a good map and a LP. And a plane ticket. Website:

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