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Margaret River Region, Australie1 contribution
avr. 2018 • En solo
I recently spend 4 days with Stu returning after 5 years when he was a great guide for one day.
I live in West Australia so do not fly fish for trout at home but make a trip or two to NZ annually to fly fish for trout in the Ashburton Lakes area, just south of Christchurch with a couple of great mates.
Thought is was about time I got some expert tuition to sort my casting which was at best dodgy.
So four days were booked with Stu but AirNZ managed to reduce this to a little over three days. A cancelled flight from Perth carved a day off my NZ trip.
The plan was to concentrate on the fly casting school until I got a reasonable pass then progress to the real deal of casting to Mataura browns.

Day one. Less than half a day day. Tuition for 2 hours then onto the river for the late afternoon mayfly hatch.
Day two. 4 hours tuition then the afternoon on the river.
Day three. 3 hours tuition then onto the river.
Each day on the river resulted in me catching some lovely browns.
Day four. A brief recap then to the river for some serious dry fly fishing.

Seems like a lot of tuition but I would not change a moment, Fly casting seems so simple but to do it well consistently and without a fault (and the browns in the Mataura do not suffer anything but good well presented casts) is a challenge.
On the final day, I landed three large browns and hooked & lost a couple of others. Also missed many rises due to too much slack line and terrorised many others due to fish fever ie casting to a trout I could see and making a complete mess of the casting.
A great day to complete a wonderful few days.

Stu is excellent and I thoroughly recommend his fly casting school, his intimate knowledge of the local rivers and his marvellous guiding ability. He is patient and understanding master of fly casting.
We shared a lot of laughs interspersed with some deep and meaningful conversations and it seems we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Thanks Stu. Very very well done.

Écrit le 27 avril 2018
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Hi Barry It was great to work with after the years gone past from the single days guiding some five years previous. It put a smile on my face everyday to pick you up and then instead of rushing out chasing trout, for you to enroll in a NZ fly casting lesson/school each day, then go out chasing things with fins. Watching you transform from an average skilled fly caster of years of experience, into a new very efficient fly caster and fly fisher, made me smile as that was the main goal of the days. Great to see you also getting trout fever when casting to fish and your old bad fishing and casting habits coming back into play as they swam away , with their fin in the air! The trout fever I hope never goes away, though with some more practice with all your new knowledge your fly casting will always improve and your catch rate will go up and up. Tight lines my good friend. Cheers Stu
Écrit le 30 avril 2018
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John D
3 contributions
avr. 2018 • En solo
I was only in nz for 2 weeks visiting from Australia. With very limited experience but an eager spirit i had Stu guide me for the day. He could tell i was under skilled for the tricky NZ conditions and i choose to spirng to have him correct my cast before we headed out. In only a short time he dramaticly improved my cast from imbarising to confident with rxpert instruction. It was good he taught me too becouse we picked up 2 great brown trout later that day; my first and second ever. I am confident that without that lesson i would have a donut day. His knowledge is invaluable and he is a patient positive teacher. I hope to see him again when i return. My only regret is i left it so long to sing his praises. Ive had 3 instructors over the years and he is by far the best. Listen to him he wont be wrong.
John Davies
Écrit le 24 avril 2018
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.
John,Thank you so much for your review and your time to write it. I really appreciate it and for you trusting your instincts and spending time doing one of my fly casting lessons before any actual fishing. It was so good to be able to see you quickly transform with your casting and the bonus was the brown trout. Have fun out there with your new skills and i hope to work with you again and have some more fun, some time in the future. Cheers Stu
Écrit le 26 avril 2018
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