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Catanzaro, Calabre, Italie

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États-Unis37 contributions
oct. 2019
Working with owner Cherrye via email and telephone was an absolute pleasure and resulted in a truly wonderful itinerary and trip to Calabria. Some of my requests were unusual or challenging, but through exchanges with Cherrye the result was an itinerary which exactly suited the way my husband and I travel.

The guide/heritage specialist who was assigned to us is perhaps the best multifaceted guide (history, archaeology, nature, ancient and current day culture), researcher, and daily helper we have ever had. And we have worked with many private guides in many countries. The preparation he did for both my family heritage quest and to see that our special dietary and allergy issues were facilitated far exceeded my expectations. He was generous with his time, flexible, a relentless researcher and also just a delightful person the share these very special days and moments with. We heard that the other carefully selected guides Cherrye works with are also fantastic.

I was overwhelmed and thrilled with the historical family information he found before and during our trip. We saw the many villages where relatives were from, verified heretofore unknown info AND met relatives - and more! I am still busy entering info into my genealogy research sources, reconnected with a US relative who also has done research, and still extraordinarily happy that I decided to take this trip and to do so with My Bella Vita Travel.

Cherrye has a unique knowledge base from which to "translate" regional culture and options in southern Italy to Italian Americans - really anyone. I have not a single hesitation in recommending her and her travel company. I already hope to return, and will be excited to work with her and make many decisions based even more fully on the recommendations she and her local guides offer.
Écrit le 24 octobre 2019
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2 contributions
sept. 2019 • En couple
Bella Vita did an amazing job of planning the towns and hotels for our month in Calabria. I found my grandfathers house in a tiny village near the Sila
Mountains. We watched Mt Etna “belch” & rumble.
Just cant say enough about the personal care we received. Mille Grazie, Cherrye and her team.
Écrit le 8 octobre 2019
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Vivian T
Hurst, TX149 contributions
oct. 2019
My husband and I have just returned from a once in a lifetime, dream vacation that was arranged by My Bella Vita Travel and Cherrye. We went with two purposes; to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and for my husband to visit the town of his ancestry. The entire experience was phenomenal. During the planning stages, I changed my mind twice and Cherrye handled it all. Every accommodation was great! We did a cooking class, visited a winery, saw how silk was made, and even picked olives! We also ate too much of the most wonderful food in the world. Our guide, Gianluca, was outstanding. He was professional and overall just a great person. My husband visited his ancestral home and we met with two of his cousins and their wives. Moments like that are so precious. It was something he had wanted to do all his life. Seeing his face lit up with a smile was the best anniversary gift ever!

I highly recommend My Bella Vita Travel ! You will not be disappointed.
Écrit le 7 octobre 2019
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Anthony S
1 contribution
juin 2019
From the daily excursions to the delicious meals to the well prepared heritage specialists and drivers, this is a stess free tour. Thanks to Cherrye this was a truly memorable experience through the beautiful countryside, mountains and seashore of Calabria.
Include was a day in my mother's village reviewing records. My sife and I walked the narrow streets of this northern Calabrian comune and visited the ancient churh where family members were baptized, married and worshiped, a beautiful and emotional journey.
But, this tour offered more. It was a carefully planned experience into the history, culture and people of Calabria and, as an extension of how it encompasses part of who I am. i heard some familiar words my mother used, saw the tools and methods of her pasta making while at the "cooking school". The demeanor of the women on the street in Cosenza reminded me of her. Each day brought a familiar and emotional recognition that, in a special way, I returned "home".
Écrit le 17 septembre 2019
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Kathy C
Fort Lauderdale, Floride68 contributions
mai 2019 • En couple
We had been hoping to take a heritage tour to Calabria for years. When the time came and we found Cherrye and her company on the Internet, it seemed our dreams had come true. And indeed they had. Cherrye worked with me for quite a long time planning this trip, and I was interrupted a couple of times in planning. The result was unbelievable. EVERYONE who is interested in exploring their Calabrian heritage should book through My Bella Vita.

Ashley was our guide in Reggio Calabria, Scilla, and Pizzo. From the moment she met us at the airport, her warmth and enthusiasm brightened our trip. She is knowledgeable, funny, and very accommodating. We can't say enough good things about her.

After Reggio, we continued to Catanzaro, where Domenico assisted us in the heritage exploration part of the trip. Domenico had done extensive advance research, which we appreciated; he had been to my home village two or three times before we were there! He made it possible for us to meet a 93-year-old relative and even set up a Face Time call between him and my father in the states. It was awesome. Domenico was also quite patient when we badgered him into stopping different places and adding a stop or two to explore something that sounded interesting.

In short, we can't say enough good about our experience with this company. You won't be disappointed if you book with them.
Écrit le 8 juin 2019
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

New Bremen, OH10 contributions
mai 2019 • En solo
This review may be a little long, so I’ll get to the point first. Run, don’t walk, to MyBellaVitatravel for your vacation/heritage/refreshing time in Calabria, Italy. Every detail was taken care of with precision, and I say, “love”: love for the country, love for the traveler. During the planning stages, every e-mail was answered. Every time I thought I might be bugging Cherrye to death with questions about some detail that seemed so important to me at the time, she answered graciously and with understanding. The whole process of planning, experiencing, and remembering is an awesome experience. I noticed so many people titling their reviews something like “Trip of a Lifetime”and that is absolutely true.

The rest of the story: In 2003, some relatives on my father’s side made a trip to Mendicino, Calabria, Italy, and sent a slide show of their trip along with some family genealogy to my mother (since my father has been deceased since 1981). I watched this slide show with great interest. I have memories of my great-grandmother who emigrated from Italy, but really never asked her or my grandfather or my father many questions about it. Now that I am quickly approaching the age of 70, it seemed quite remarkable that a 26-year-old single woman would get on a ship to Ellis Island for at least 40 days, then travel 3,000 miles over land (by train?) to Portland, Oregon, and one week later marry a man she had never met (a friend of the husband of her sister who was already living in the U.S.).

So when my younger sister said she’d like to take a trip somewhere with me, we decided “Let’s go to Italy.” I found Cherrye’s Web site online, probably on TripAdvisor, and followed her on Facebook for at least a couple of years. As my sister and I are both still working and she is still raising kids, we weren’t able to work out our vacation times to coincide with one of MyBellaVIta’s small group heritage tours. So we sent our details to Cherrye who worked out a “perfect” schedule just for a private heritage tour/custom vacation. She kept us informed all along the way, making sure the details were going to work out for us.

I have to say that in the past, I have made my own travel arrangements, either staying with friends, or via home stays or friends or where friends recommended. It was new territory for me to hand over the planning to someone else, and I thought the cost might be prohibitive (it wasn’t). But my sister assured me this was the way to go, so we did! As two women, unfamiliar with Italy or any of Europe for that matter, we would have never seen the things we saw or learned the things we learned or felt the feelings we felt if we had rented a car and stumbled around for ourselves.

We already had our plane tickets to Rome. So Cherrye arranged for us to take a train from Rome to LaMezia Terme and then be picked up by a driver and driven to our hotel in Pizzo. It was so beautiful and a 2-minute walk to the town piazza filled with restaurants and gelato shops (a must!) and groceries and everything one would need, including a view of the Tyrrhenian Sea from the balcony. (See separate review for Piccolo Grand Hotel.)

We had opted to have a private driver, and it turned out that the person who did our heritage research, Domenico, was our driver for the three days we toured and fell in love with Calabria. I may not be able to put in words what I feel for this young man but I’ll try. He was kind, intelligent, funny, an excellent driver, and tenacious about showing us where our bisnonna (great grandmother) lived. We got her original birth certificate from the town hall, met the mayor of Mendicino and got a mention on his Facebook page ☺, saw the church where she was baptized, drove the neighborhood where her father was a tenant farmer, and even were invited into two different homes of “possible”relatives. It turned out that we weren’t related, but you wouldn’t have known it by the way they treated us with such respect. With Domenico translating, we learned so much about their lives and the lives of their parents.

Over the next two days, we visited the Statti winery, Nido di Seta (a silkworm coop where we met our travel contact and new friend Miriam), Reggio Calbria, and Scilla.

On Thursday evening as Domenico dropped us back at our hotel, it was hard to hold back the tears as we bid him goodbye. The next morning our driver picked us up, took us back to Lamezia Terme, where we took a train to Rome and stayed for two nights.

Rome was a totally different experience, wild and crazy in a way, but the “skip the lines” private tour of ancient Rome that Cherrye arranged for us was perfect. It was about a four-hour walk in which we saw the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and the Colosseum, plus, of course, stopped for gelato. Our guide on this tour was from Ireland, but living in Rome and an expert at Roman history. One thing I have to note about both tour guides is that though they were young and robust (in their 30's), they kept our pace, which was a little (☺) more leisurely. They knew where all the “rest stops” were (if you catch my drift) and were very watchful of us in the crowds. I felt like I was traveling with a close relative.

The final morning, our ride was there to take us to the airport, and bring us home.

During my stay there, I found out that if you can trace your blood relatives all the way back to the person who emigrated from Italy you can get dual citizenship. There are a few requirements and caveats, but that’s my next project!

I am probably not crediting all the people who helped us properly but if you want an experience that is more than a tour, I recommend these folks extremely highly!
Écrit le 2 juin 2019
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

wisconsin183 contributions
oct. 2018 • En couple
I travel several times a year and I normally do my own research and book everything myself. Doing research for our Calabrian Adventure I was not finding the information that I usually require to make good decisions for our vacation to be easy going. I saw My Bella Vita mentioned here and on other sites so I contacted them. From our initial emails it has been 5 star treatment the entire way. Our Calabrian Adventure was exactly what we had hoped and more. There is nothing that I can recommend to Cherrye to improve on our experience. Our pace of travel was what we asked for. The accommodations were what we asked for. The tours were what we asked for. The information provided before our trip was excellent. The restaurant recommendations appreciated. We had a couple hiccups along the way which were addressed immediately and we never had any worries. Ever! For a Type A personality like me to give up control of planning an important vacation like this, Cherrye came through 100%. Highly recommend to anyone visiting Calabria. Whether looking for family or just to enjoy all its riches. We went just to enjoy, and boy did we. Grazie mille Cherrye.
Écrit le 30 octobre 2018
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Joseph A
10 contributions
juil. 2018 • En solo
I feel badly that I'm just now writing this review after traveling in July 2017 because, thanks to Cherrye and Miriam this was one of the most memorable trips of my life. They made this heritage trip a resounding success on every level- Cherrye connected me with Miriam on very short notice. Miriam then set up appointments at all town halls to find all of my family birth certificates and marriage certificates; she brought me to some fantastic local restaurants for some of the best food I've ever had and I saw all the beauty of Calabrian and Basilicatan towns, countryside, mountains and coasts for the first time. She even set up an epic lunch at the home of one of my long lost cousins (we think), in a small town that had no restaurants.
In an effort to research my family tree, I needed to visit two towns in the Catanzaro area of Calabria and one town in the Potenza area of Basilicata (about 3-4 hours drive north) from which my great-grandparents had emigrated. Miriam deserves some kind of award for her ability to walk into the town hall and immediately know exactly which ancient, dusty book will contain the information she needs, she saved me hours and hours of wasted time. There's absolutely no way I could've done this on my own, and even if I spoke fluent Italian it would've been impossible to know which 200 year old ledger to search through to find the documents I needed. And let me tell you, once Miriam gets a lead on where she thinks a document might be, she's like a pit bull! She wouldn't let it go or take "No" for an answer from anyone (including the town hall employees) until she had the document in hand! After not finding what we needed in over an hour of research in the main ledger storage area she dragged me into the upstairs attic at one town hall to look through ledgers from the early 1800's that were haphazardly thrown into unorganized pile- and in 15 minutes found my great-great grandmother's birth certificate. Another town hall employee was complaining that she didn't want to touch the old books because she could see holes where mice had been knawing at them... Miriam ignored her, grabbed the book and found what we needed. When you're traveling to Italy on a trip like this and spending this amount of time and effort to do this kind of family research I really appreciated this kind of dedication.
Miriam's knowledge of Southern Italian, and especially Calabrian, culture and customs was also a great asset, I learned so much from her about what it's like to enjoy life there.
I will definitely return as soon as possibly on another trip with Miriam, this time with my family. Thanks so much to Cherrye for making all of that possible and for finding a super-star guide like Miriam! Arrivederci!
Écrit le 11 août 2018
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The Villages, Floride914 contributions
juin 2018 • En couple
My girlfriend and I just returned from a small group tour organized and led by Cherrye Moore, the owner of the My Bella Vita Travel Company. The tour was geared for people of Calabrian heratage - but even my English-Scottish girlfriend enjoyed the tour. Cherrye, an American who has lived in Calabria and Miriam, a Calabrese Local, her assistant, did an excellent job presenting Calabria - a region of Italy off the beaten tourist path. We saw many interesting places and the two places of lodging, were destinations in and of themselves. The food - wow! They did an excellent job of conveying the Calabrese Culture. With this said, the most outstanding thing to me was the thoroughness of the heratage research, and the joy everyone got (both the visiting Americans and Calabrese Italians) from meeting relatives. I came back with a Geonolgical treasure chest of documents on both sides of my family tree. I was also impressed with the flexability that Cherrye exhibited in tweaking the tour to fit the desires of the group. This is something you would not find with a larger tour company. Calabria was beautiful. Even if you are not of Calabrian heritage - I recommend this tour to see the "other Italy."
Écrit le 29 juin 2018
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Los Angeles, California13 contributions
oct. 2017 • En famille
This heritage trip was something my sisters and I planned for over a year and because of My Bella Vita Travel it was incredible! The time and care that went into researching our family history was beyond our wildest dreams. We feel like we have made a new "forever friend" in Miriam, our guardian angel and guide and Leo our fearless driver. Although we have only communicated with Cherrye via email, we feel as if we know her and we would all highly recommend her to anyone who wants to explore Southern Italy. My Bella Vita Travel also handled all our arrangements for our time in Sorrento, Naples, Positano, Amalfi and Capri. No matter what we needed they were there for us. All the drivers and other tour hosts she set up for us were really awesome!
Écrit le 20 octobre 2017
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

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