Stadtpfarrturm - Pfarrkirche St. Egid

Stadtpfarrturm - Pfarrkirche St. Egid

Stadtpfarrturm - Pfarrkirche St. Egid
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Budapest, Hongrie97 contributions
5,0 sur 5 bulles
août 2019 • En solo
It's not a short climb, but definitely worth the effort. You get the best view of the inner city. You pay at the top just so you know. Price was 4 EUR for adults.
Écrit le 22 août 2019
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Luxembourg, Luxembourg7 839 contributions
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août 2018 • En solo
St: Egid Church stands at the same site where an ancient church used to be; a church basically in romanesque style which apparently already existed in the thirteenth century since reference to it is to be found in a publication of that time. Despite its Romanesque architectural nature that church had a gothic choir. That ancient church had to be scrapped after being subject to several fires and earthquakes which heavily damaged its structure.
The present Church has one sole nave. Altogether the style is baroque though the arches inside regarding the columns supporting the galleries are semicircular. Whereas the façade is quite sober the interior is beautiful. The former was redesigned by the architect Franz Schcrachner in the last decade of the nineteenth century and since 1845 there is a statue of the Virgin from Lourdes. The said façade is light brown painted except the window frames and the belfry tower, this one being square shaped and white painted save the angles and the corniches serving to separate each one of the different storeys which are grey. On the top floor below the spike there are four clocks, one on each side of the tower, all of them working simultaneously and in a synchronized manner. The tower appearance is clearly different from that of the rest of the building. That tower is placed at the front of the main building, the center of the former being aligned with that of the church main entrance so that in order to go into it one must pass under the tower. This one has a baroque octagonal bulbuous spike consisting of three onion like parts, each one of them smaller than that below and separated respectively by tiny pillars thus enabling one to have a view over the city of Klagenfurt. The tower concerned is considered a landmark of the mentioned city. Visitors can climb up to the viewing platform of the watchman gallery which is 50 meters high. From there the view which can be enjoyed is fantastic.
The Church interior is very impressive. There are several barrel vaults showing very nice paintings on them, particularly that depicting a Christ’s portrait in a frame held by two angels. Those ceiling frescoes are the work of Fromiller and Mölck. The vaults rest on stucco-lustro pilasters with richly ornamented capitals. There is a triumphal arch just before the chancel on one side of which the pulpit is attached. That pulpit is a real jewel of baroque style on whose outer part elegant statues of saints are adhered. The pulpit concerned is the work of Benedikt Bläß and it’s one of the most beautiful in Carinthia. Besides, the galleries are attractive as well as the four side chapels with cross vaults and baroque windows. About these four chapels it’s worth outlining the altars of three of them, specifically the Nepomuk altar from 1822 which contains as an image the motif of John the Baptist made in 1728 by Joseph Ferdinand Fromiller and laterally figures of the Holy Family. In the Crucifixion altar, dating back to the very beginning of the eighteenth century, there is a valuable painting concerning the Crucifixion, which occupies the central position and was executed by Adam Imhoff in 1607. In the Joseph altar one can observe a nice painting of St. Joseph attributed to the Klagenfurt painter Adam Claus. That altar was donated by the family Orsini-Rosenberg.
Other worth seeing items of that church are the large and modern painting of the last supper with pretty colours which harmonize with those of the Church; That picture lhangs on the right wall of the chancel as looking from the entrance. The slab of the tomb of the writer Julien Green, which was chosen by himself, that tomb being adorned with a text from his diary of November 1954. Besides, the beautiful baptismal font with the image of John the Baptist standing over the lid is a nice ensemble which shouldn’t be missed.
Definitely speaking that Church should be visited in order to get a thorough idea of the religious architecture in Klagengurt.
Écrit le 26 avril 2019
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STADTPFARRTURM - PFARRKIRCHE ST. EGID (Klagenfurt): Ce qu'il faut savoir pour votre visite (avec photos)

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