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Madan Gopal M
Bangalore, Inde4 391 contributions
En couple
A dream of millions of devotees all over the world is to be fulfilled in coming years. After decades of litigation, the birth place of Lord Rama is liberated and a massive Mandir is under construction. As it's a highly sensitive place, there is security and restrictions for visiting the temporary location where the sacre idol of Lord Rama is placed for visitors. The timings are very strict and we have park the vehicle at a designated place. Mobile phones and wrist watches are not allowed. With prior permission we could stay after 11am to witness Arathi at the temporary shrine. Thanks to a friend,we visited the place of construction from a distance and also rare archeological findings that demonstratively prove the existence of temple from ancient times.
Écrit le 4 décembre 2021
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Hyderabad District, Inde1 104 contributions
Shri Ram Janma Bhoomi in Ayodhya is believed to be the birth place of Lord Ram who is worshipped by all Hindus as one of the god and incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu. This place has been in news for several years because the temple which was the birth place of Lord Ram was demolished about 500 years back by the Moghul invader Babar who constructed a mosque on that site. Even before Independence and during British Raj, Hindus and Muslims were fighting a legal battle for the ownership of this place and in 1992 the mosque was demolished by aggrieved Hindu mob. In 2019, the decision by Supreme court settled the matter and Hindus were allowed to own this land. Now a great temple after Bhoomi Pooja by PM of India is under construction and this has mobilized and inspired millions of Hindus to visit this place. The temple construction is likely to be completed by 2023 but people are visiting Ayodhya in large numbers to see various construction activities. The state government has also taken several measures to beautify the town and this has also generated tremendous interest. We were also motivated to visit Shree Ram Janma Bhoomi and various related attractions. like Kanak Bhavan, Hanuman Garhi, Aarti at River Saryu besides boating. However, now there is police deployed at most of the temples in Ayodhya and many streets have been blocked to avoid over crowding and to maintain security. The actual site where the new temple is being constructed is under heavy security and to have darshan or glimpse of the Lord Ram's idol (which would be later installed at the new temple), we had to pass through a 3-tier heavy security. We were not allowed to even carry wrist watch, mobile phone, pen or any metallic material with us and our purse was also searched. Therefore, we could not take any photo of main temple and idol. There are separate ques for ladies and gent s and one has to walk about 2 km to complete this darshan process. What would be the condition when the temple would be completed and opened to general public, is difficult to visualize. We took photographs of important attractions and these are attached herewith. I recommend visitors to do boating and witness aarti. Because of large number visiting Ayodhya, many people have turned guides and they lure people to do worship here and there and unknown temples claiming them to be of religious importance. The visitors are therefore also advised to avoid such guides.
Écrit le 5 avril 2021
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New Delhi, Inde6 068 contributions
Shri Ram Janma Bhoomi temple area is under tight security and follows 8am to 5pm timings. Mobiles, camera, Comb, belt, eatables, cigarette, Gutka, Medicines, Water, keys with remote etc. not allowed. You can take your purse with coins and notes. Three tier security with detectors and manual searching is done. You can go inside with your shoes, no place for removing shoes while doing Darshan of Lord Ram. Make shift temple of Lord Ram is there. One has to walk long through narrow security channels to come out after Darshan. Not able to see the construction site and other details as visit to temple is restricted to specific area only. At the exit we bought Prashad from the temple. People throng here for faith in Lord Ram. Must visit place to know the history of Ram Temple.
Écrit le 2 mars 2021
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Attul Handoo
New Delhi, Inde144 contributions
Had the golden chance to visit the place. The place is still under construction but this will turn up as big complex with many temples around the vicinity. Had darshan at Ram mandir, Ram darbaar and Hanuman Garhi. The place will be major tourist destination in the coming years after completion with many 5 star hotels, airport and infra coming up.
Écrit le 31 octobre 2020
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Agra, Inde487 contributions
I took darshan Ram-Lala (Shri Ram JanmBhoomi) fortunately.
The Idols of Ram-Parivar are kept in a tent.
There was very tight security.
The guards had checked three times at different places while going there.
Nothing is allowed to bring in temple premises except prasad and money.
No need to put off your shoes as there is a sufficient distance.
The Idols of Ram-Parivar are attractive.
Really a worth visit.
Écrit le 24 février 2020
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14 contributions
En solo
Best time is early am and I left lucknow at 530am and took 2 hours. Immense security and yet all the personnel were polite and professional. Felt and incredible sense of peace and light. Hours felt like seconds. Simply didnt want my time to end here.
Écrit le 17 janvier 2020
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Vasant S
Pune224 contributions
I thought I will never ever go to Shri Ram Janm Bhoomi. Ayodhya has been a disputed site for long. But I could make it somehow. Ayodhya as of now is a shabby place. The place where temple is going to be built has narrow access. For security reasons, nothing is allowed to be taken. No camera, no mobile, metal objects etc. One has to pass at least 5 times through security. Babri Masjid now does not exist. There is small tent where the center of temple will be and is the exact place of Shri Ram birth. There is nothing specific with river Sharayu. One can see Ram Darbar, Dashrath Darbar, Hanuman Gadhi as the part of the pilgrimage. Note at present it is not a decent place to stay. But the plans are to make it unique. One must visit the Karyashala where some parts of temple are ready.
Écrit le 7 janvier 2020
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Virar, Inde29 contributions
En famille
Ram janam bhoomi is place of ram. This place is famous in all over world in case of babari mazid and ram lala birth place.
Écrit le 14 décembre 2019
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Bangalore, Inde121 contributions
There is no doubt that the place is held extemely holy by Hindus. All over Ayodhya, wherever you see, you will see an idol of Bhagwan Shri Ram. It seems there are over 14000 small and big temples of Lord Ram in Ayodhya. With the recent developments, a new temple will soon come up and one will not be able to see the site as it is now. So, better go and have darshan if you are curious to know the present status.
Écrit le 9 décembre 2019
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Bangalore, Inde76 contributions
Visit to Ram Janma Bhomi ( Ram Lala Temple) Wednesday 20th Nov 2019

Me and my wife ( has a disability walking and climbing steps as she has restrictions of her movement of her knee ,ankle and Hip ) went on Wednesday 20th Of Nov 2019. We left the hotel at 6.30 am from Gomti Nagar to cover a distance of 145 kms to Ram Lala temple at Ayodhaya. After filling diesel we set for the journey estimated at 2and ½ hour at 6.35 am . The road was full of smog and it was smooth but with heavy Lorry traffic . The toll was not easy to cross and there are 2 tolls One at Ahamadpur ( reached at 7.32 am ) and the second one at Raunahi ( reached at 8.58 am) on NH 28. It took more than 30 minutes at the second Toll at Raunahi to reach . We were able to reach the outskirts of Ayodhaya by 9.30 am against our estimate of 9 am. Fortunately our hotel had given us some sandwich and cut fruits which we ate in the car.
Since we were late we had apprehension whether we will make it. We decided to have a guide so that we can come back to cab from where he dropped us and can explain about the other places than about Ram Lala Mandir ( since it was birth place of Rama , it is called Ram Lala ie young Rama) . It is to be noted you are not allowed to carry anything than some cash and Prasad ( small balls of sugar which is being sold outside) .
We requested our cab driver to organise a guide who can speak English( my wife and I do not speak Hindi and the cab driver do not speak English), he spoke and organised to a guide who met us at the periphery of the Ayodhaya on his motorcycle asked us to follow him . The guide took near to Sarayu river Parked his Bike, and said let us sprinkle the water from the river and proceed to Ram Lala temple . Since we are already late I told him my wife cant walk and let us go to Ram Lala temple .
The guide said having come he asked me to come to the river . It was quite a distance from where the car was parked and you need climb about 15 steps and at 500 meters you are able to see the river . Guide joined us in the car .
We urged guide to take us to Ram Lala Temple . He was in no hurry and he kept saying that there is a Swamiji who doesn't eat or speak as his only aim to build temple and kept telling about he is feeding poor people for free from Sita s kitchen. This what I understood from his broken English and chaste Hindi. He said we will go to workshop where the pillars and other structures are being done. I insisted that we go to Rama Janma Bhomi and he seem to be focussed on taking to Ram Darbar. We went there and at the entrance we were told to buy garland for Rs 30 . One for Lord Rama and other for the Swamji. The car can go up to the temple door and it was about 100 meters to walk inside and there were about 3 steps to climb and another one more step when you go near the sanctum . The steps were about 4 to 5 Inches Height . After crossing we had darshan of silver Rama and Gold Seetha. The guide told us that both the idols found in the river and will be installed in the temple after it is built ( the fact of this i am not sure and this need to be checked ) Guide then lead us to adjoining room of the Swamiji . He was sitting in chair in saffron clothes and bespectacled. On his left there was person sitting on the floor and started reeling out in Hindi about swamji and asked me and my wife about our parents and children so that swamji will bless, he also said that we need to give minimum Rs 1100 for breakfast for feeding the poor and some 5000 etc .all in Hindi. I was in a fix as I did not carry much cash . I Paid a small amount and took leave of the Swamiji . The guide showed us the Sita’s Rasoi (kitchen),with all plates made of leaf on the altar and said many people are fed here for free by the Swamiji .
We were getting late it was 10.20 and I told the guide that no more digression and need to go to Ram Lala temple .
Guide took us to the car park from where you have to walk to Ram Lala temple from one of the exit which was closed for vehicular movement. The car park was very dirty and dusty with vendors and urchins and Garbage. After seeing my wife’s condition guide said she cant walk the distance either to the temple or from the security point to birth place of Rama. Guide also told us that no need to remove your sandal as you can wear them through the temple .Since we have come with determination of visiting birth place of Rama, come what may, the guide suggested a cycle rickshaw till the security and thereafter a wheel chair if available . We agreed as we don’t have time and my wife can’t walk fast and the security gate closes at 11 am . Cycle rickshaw came and my wife said it is impossible for her to climb and to get seated on the cycle rickshaw you need to climb one and half feet high.
We were looking at some Object to fill the gap for her to climb the rickshaw one of the boy there went quickly and emptied all the used cups in the plastic crate and brought it for my wife to climb on it . So I held her on one side to lift her so that she can climb. As I lifted her and she put the foot on the crate ,the crate broke and her foot crashed to the ground . By god’s graced I held so that impact was minimal on her hip though the bruises in her ankle was unavoidable. Since she felt there is no issues rickshaw man, me and the guide just lifted her put her in rickshaw. Guide told me I need to pay Rs 100 for to and from the car Park for the rickshaw . Guide asked me to climb the rickshaw with my wife , I said no as it was getting late and with 2 persons , the rickshaw man may find it difficult to Pedal .
My wife went in Rickshaw alone ( Neither me or my daughter never left her alone as she is vulnerable for fall with 4 implants and heavy restriction on her movement ). Guide took me from car park to the temple which is about 500 meters through one of the exit only for people . It was very bad road with open smelly sewer line running along and dry and dusty. It took about 10 minutes to reach the junction of the entry point to the temple .We reached the place where it leads to the entry of the temple . This place is full of shops offers lockers to store your valuable ( may be you can bring your mobile wallets etc and deposit here . This is the first apprehension got cleared for taking mobile or credit card ) and guide told me that you go through the security and after finishing darshan will reach the very same junction where you entered. Guide told me that he is not allowed to enter the temple and will not accompany us .
I waited for my wife it was taking time and I got scared as there was no way I can communicate and she is fragile with lot of restrictions . Meanwhile the guide spoke to some one for wheel chair and he said he will organise ( There is 2 wheel chair and one of them is broken and the wheel chair is provided by the security against the deposit of ID proof and it is free ) At last my wife showed up and with her ID I went up to the security for requesting wheel chair . He said in Hindi to the person who said will organise wheel chair to fix a nut and take the one that is available . Meanwhile the one taken inside came and I deposited her ID and took the wheel chair . With the help of the rickshaw man and myself I settled my wife in the wheel chair . The guide told me that I have to pay for the person Rs 250 for pushing the wheel chair and bring her back .
At last our dream is coming true of making it to entrance of Rama Janma Bhoomi by the grace of the god and we now commenced our journey inside the temple . The entry is a street with first security check who frisks you completely . There is separate frisking point for men and women. The police are quick in job of frisking , this would take about 2 to 3 minutes for a person if he doesn’t carry anything , If the person before you carry any objects other than cash or prasad it will take time.
There are 5 security checks at various intervals and you are allowed only small purse /cash / prasad nothing else . I am saying this repeatedly as otherwise they may stop you from entering or you may have to go back and deposit in the shop and re-enter My wife carried some chocolates as I was diabetic to eat them when sugar goes down .The security personnel did not allow and said that we eat them or throw them , but insisted that we eat one of them as I see their point and they don’t want to take any chances .
Other than the security check Both men and women go through the same line which is barricaded and open to sky in some places ( our second apprehension of separate Q for men and separate Q for women cleared ) . The path has curves, sharp turns at Right angle floors are tiled in some places and concrete in some places . I had lot of regards for the person pushing the wheel chair as it was not easy as the surface is not flat nor smooth . The women security came out and frisked my wife in her wheel chair and they were friendly and did a thorough check at every point .There are Gun wielding security personnel all through the barricaded place . The security personnel were very friendly and they speak to you what you can carry and what you cannot .As you go past the security for more than 10 to 15 minutes you finally enter the barricaded place where there is arrow showing the birth Place of Lord Rama on to your right . It is about 20 feet away from where you stand the idols of Lord Rama on top and below him was Lakshmana flanked and Baharat and Shatruguna . The idols are small may be a foot long. You need to really focus and see the idols as they are at a distance . The security does not ask you to move unless there is lot of people behind you At this place our dream came true as we were able to make it and felt divine . There is a pandit sitting where the arrow is pointing and distributes prasad ( small round sugar balls) . After darshan you are lead to exit of the temple through the barricades of same distance and this leads you to the Junction where you entered the temple and would have deposited your valuables. The temple closes for entry at 11 am , but once you enter before 11 am , you can finish the darshan and come out even if it is after 11 am .
Thus you can collect your valuables where you have left from the vaults .
The junction is in the form of Y. As you stand on facing the Y , you enter through the right and return to same place on the left .
We returned to our car park both in the rickshaw . Who again helped my wife to climb down from the rickshaw . We did not go to other places as we need to walk .
To put it short
a) Lucknow to Ayodhaya about 145 Kms takes 2 hours 30 minutes , but give additional 30 to 45 minutes for congestion and delays on the roads and in the Toll plaza
b) Having darshan in the morning seem to be better .
c) The closing time of the temple is for the entry at the first security point , once you enter before the closing time you can finish you darshan and come out even after closing time
d) You can wear sandals through the visit of Rama birth place.
e) You can carry your belongings , but deposit at the shops at the entry of the temple in their vault at a nominal rent and carry only limited cash and nothing else . On your return you can collect your valuables as the exit route leads to the same junction of the entry .
f)Wheel chair is available , and you need to deposit an ID as security
Écrit le 23 novembre 2019
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