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Upper Klamath River
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Manhattan Beach, Californie17 contributions
janv. 2012
Have you ever glided down a rushing river, with a wiry guy frantically rowing a large drift boat, into just the right position for coaxing the wily steelhead from it's lair. Well, neither had I - until last week that is.
You can never truly understand the skill and agility these river boatmen posess until your wedged into one of these skiffs and bounce around a few miles. The Steelhead; a special moment when other things are put on hold. The powerful strike, the twisting leaps so explosive, and graceful; time paused...... But first you must explore the seams, the riffles, the pools that hold these elusive fish. A few hours on the river is a topsy turvy adventure
guaranteed to get your immediate attention.

Beau Jones knows the Klamath. - fished it all his life. Thanks Beau.

Thanks Bubba, Joanie and Casey - feels just like home!
Écrit le 5 février 2012
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Sacramento, Californie134 contributions
My wife and I have rafted most of California's whitewater rivers and the Upper Klamath River is definitely the best ride we have ever had. Most 10 mile stretches of river will have 25 or 30 rapids; the Upper Klamath has 63! It is non-stop adventure with barely a moment to catch your breath before the next set of rapids is upon you.

There are several outdoors adventure companies that take clients on this river. We chose Living Waters Recreations operating out of Mt. Shasta City. The prices are mostly the same as the other companies, but they included the use of wetsuits in the price and the reviews were uniformly good. They meet you in a parking lot in Mt. Shasta and f transport you to the put-in. We did the two day trip and spent the night beside the river at the Oregon border. They fed us well and took care of everything. I would certainly recommend Living Waters Recreation.
Écrit le 15 juin 2009
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