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Très bon

Jessica O
7 contributions
5,0 sur 5 bulles
juin 2024 • En famille
Our VIP tour with Mauricio was incredible. Details were planned out over the weeks leading up to our tour via email/phone with the Disneyland VIP team. The day of the tour, we used lightning lanes and entered through exits of each ride. Mauricio gave us background info and interesting facts throughout the day. He was fantastic with my 5 yr old niece and she adored him. The experience is very expensive, but for our large group of 8 it was well worth it. We were able to ride everything on our list in 7 hours and never had to wait more than 10 mins even for Rise of the Resistance and Matterhorn. The day was relaxed and so fun! Thank you, Mauricio!
Écrit le 9 juin 2024
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Jeff M
San Francisco, Californie6 contributions
2,0 sur 5 bulles
févr. 2024 • En famille
Our guide was great. However, this is not a "VIP" tour and it is not like the Disney VIP tours elsewhere, like in Paris. The VIP tour at Disneyland is basically just unlimited use of the Lightening Lanes, nothing more, nothing less. You will be forced to wait in those Lightening Lane lines no matter how long they are. You are not brought to the front of the lines like you are at other parks. This is a waste of money and in the end doesn't make you feel all that special. Disneyland needs to rethink this offering to ensure that people on the VIP tour skip the Lightening Lane lines for every ride.
Écrit le 28 février 2024
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Honolulu, Hawaï162 contributions
5,0 sur 5 bulles
août 2023 • En solo
I took the D100 Tour on my last visit. This is a private tour you can reserve on line or at the Tour booth just inside Disneyland Park on the left side as you enter. The tour went to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure park. Our guide, Victor was dynamic, funny and a wealth of information about Walt Disney and the parks. We got to draw Simba over in DCA and had incredible time with an animator. The tour included a massive cookie and a very cool keepsake pin. It was about 2 hours and was friendly to me and my wheelchair. Finally, we got reserved seating for the 3:30 parade. It's often hard for me to see from the chair so this was fantastic. The guides entertained us as we waited for the parade to begin. It also include Disney professional photos! It was fun, educational and truly special. I highly recommend this experience. I believe it cost about $110 but was worth every penny, as they say!
Écrit le 20 août 2023
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Chicago, IL78 contributions
5,0 sur 5 bulles
juin 2023 • En famille
WOW! Truly the BEST decision I made to celebrate milestone birthdays with my Auntie at Disney VIP style. We did this on the actual day of our birthday which was a Monday, because I just couldn’t justify the cost doing it any other day. After reading recent mixed reviews, I quickly realized that the VIP TOUR GUIDE can either make or break your experience. As this was so expensive and I ALWAYS want to get my money’s worth, I made sure to read TripAdvisor reviews for recommended guides, and came up with 4 on request: Pascal, Terry, Michael and Jeff. As these were all just first names, I crossed my fingers. Happy to report that we hit the jackpot and got JEFF ONG! Such a delight, so upbeat and informative and he trains the guides! Our family of 10 had the BEST time park-hopping with him from CA Adventure to Disneyland Park and the VIP experience exceeded our expectations. He planned our day so well and we didn’t wait in line for longer than 5 mins (including Star Wars). VIP got us in for dinner at Napa Rose, just in time to head back to the park for fireworks. Sincere thanks to the VIP team for their prompt and exceptional customer service and patience, especially CHELSEA CHAVIRA and Christina. Special thanks to JEFF ONG for a truly magical birthday.

TIP: We managed to park-hop with just the minimum of 7 hrs that ended right before we went to dinner. VIP guide doesn’t have to stay with you to get VIP seating at the fireworks. You get pre-reserved seats.
Écrit le 2 juillet 2023
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Christy M
Huntington Beach, Californie9 contributions
5,0 sur 5 bulles
mai 2023
We are SoCal locals and wanted to experience Disneyland in a whole new way, so we booked the VIP experience and invited a few of our friends to join us, and we are SO glad we did!

Before I begin, let me address the "elephant in the room:" yes, it is expensive, but worth every penny. What is life but a series of experiences with friends and family? This day will be one we will all think back on and smile.

Now to the details:

From the beginning, when I first reached out to the Dland VIP tour email, their customer service was top-notch: friendly, helpful, and super fast at responding to all of my questions. Once I was ready to book, my call was easy, stress-free and so friendly. I was asked what experiences were most important to me and my party, and I just told them, "we'd like to make the most of our VIP time by getting on as many rides as possible." I know you can really get detailed with how you'd like your day, but that was our preferred MO, and they sure delivered!

As recommended by a neighbor/friend who does the VIP tours, we requested Pascal as our tour guide (though I was advised guide requests could not be guaranteed, they would do their best to accommodate) and we were stoked to see Pascal greet us as our guide that day!

We immediately felt welcomed and comfortable with Pascal. He was beyond accommodating, attentive, helpful, resourceful, friendly, fun, personable, knowledgeable, efficient, and truly cared about our experience.

He made sure to execute our hopes for the day (knock out as many rides as possible in both parks), by plotting an intelligent course, communicating with us and on the "back end" with staff to make sure we were being the most efficient with our time.

In between walking to different rides, he would enlighten us with delightful inside knowledge of the park and attractions.

To say Pascal went above and beyond for us is an understatement: When we were in line, he would get the kids snacks, if one group wanted to ride a ride, but another group in our party didn't, he would work to get both groups on to the different rides at the same time. Depending on the ride, he would either get us straight on, or in the queue of the Lightning Lanes and working with operators, would ensure the best seat on the rides. He then ensured we were checked into our dinner reservation on time, and by the time it was time for us to say "good bye," 10 hours had flown by, and a total of 23 rides had been conquered.

Our VIP experience with Pascal at Disneyland was truly magical. And that sentiment was shared by myself, husband, our daughter, and our friends and their kids well into the next day. Everyone in attendance said "I feel like I am still floating on Cloud 9 after that VIP experience. That was truly the most fun, no-stress and memorable Disneyland experience I have EVER had. Thank you!"

So, thank you Pascal and Disney for giving us such a phenomenal day.
Écrit le 25 mai 2023
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Bellevue, Etat de Washington204 contributions
5,0 sur 5 bulles
mai 2023 • Entre amis
My family booked a 2 day VIP Tour Guide at Disneyland. As we were a large party, we have found that the VIP tour is the way to go as the guide keeps the day moving and there aren't as many debates as to where we should go. We were lucky enough to be paired with Trina - her knowledge of the park was unrivaled. Anytime our family ran into issues during our stay she was there to aid & assist. Trina goes above and beyond and we were so lucky to spend two days with her! Thank you Trina!
Écrit le 16 mai 2023
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Denver, CO3 contributions
1,0 sur 5 bulles
nov. 2022 • Entre amis
$4000 dollars to listen to a Disney employee complain all day. “Zero” stars if I could. We’ve done the VIP tour at least a dozen times, and each time spend $4k or more per tour. And we’ve lived it every time…except today.

THIS time we had a new tour guide. And she was terrible. We went on max 5 rides all day, she spent most of the day talking about what and who she knows in the park and complaining about working too much, walking too much and in general, being rude.

Seriously, if you aren’t a positive person, don’t work for Disney.

Strongly recommend vetting your tour guide before you do this and it’s obvious the quality of your guide has declined.
Écrit le 23 novembre 2022
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Savannah B
3 contributions
5,0 sur 5 bulles
oct. 2022 • Entre amis
If you get the VIP experience ask for Terry. He is so generous and lovely. We couldn’t have had a better experience!
Écrit le 15 octobre 2022
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Danika A
1 contribution
2,0 sur 5 bulles
sept. 2022
I grew up in southern california and have a disney pass most of my life. For 25 years i have seen the infamous "plaids" and have secretly always wanted the "royal celebrity treatment" that comes with this tour.

I recently graduated college, and as my graduation present. My parents surprised me with a Plaid VIP tour. My parents, my boyfriend and I along with my 6 best friends were able to get this "once in a lifetime experience" I was so excited. I had so many things I wanted to do.

I had read reviews and heard so many great things about this tour. Only to be completely disappointed.

Originally we were supposed to go in June on my birthday, but I got COVID and had to reschedule. I picked Sept 30 because that was a day that worked for everyone along with the fact that the parks would be decorated for Halloween which has always been my favorite time at Disney.

Sept 30, after flying my friends and I in from Oregon where I am currently living, we got to The Grand Californian where we were told to park for the VIP tour. Valet parking was a great way to start the morning, but unfortunately thats where the day started going downhill.

there were no clear signs on where to pick up the tickets and check in. We had to wait in the regular security line with all the other hotel guests, which took up a good 30-45 min. I figured 'hey, okay. maybe the magic starts inside the park'

we had reservations for Carnation Cafe. Ideally sitting outside in their cute patio. No, we got put inside, and when we asked to move the staff said well its first come first serve, and i thought to myself and my group, we were the first ones in line for the cafe this morning, how much more first come can they ask. Not to mention that none of the tables outside had anyone at them. Along with that they took forever to bring out our food. several groups that came in after us, got their food and left before we even got ours.

I tried to think positively that the day would turn around, but i just kept getting let down. our guide met us after breakfast and we started, i shared my list, i said as many rides as possible, and asked for walts appartment tour, which she said was not included, and not running. I said ok, so do we get the backstage tour, you know take the secret back ways that the cast uses, she said no. Well disappointment started early, 9:30 to be exact.

We headed to Starwars land, swimming with the crowd, and walking unbelievably slow. (i have never walked so slow at disney) but i figured 'ok no need to race, because we get to go to the front of every line' again no. we got lightening line while we had the plaid. there was no cutting to the front of the line, there was no 'royal treatment'.

we rode rise of the resistance, and the group road smugglers run. I skipped smugglers because i get motion sickness. While the group was riding, i stayed with the plaid and we tried to plan the day. I asked her about special pin secrets, such as does the VIP tour have special pins. (I had seen them in other peoples reviews) and was hoping/ expecting a VIP pin. only to be disappointed AGAIN

we moved to Big thunder mountain where again all we got was the lightning lane, and had to wait about 20 min before being on the ride. Once we did that, our guide was able to pull some strings and get my dad the opportunity to Captain the Mark Twain River Boat which has always been a dream of his. After Mark Twain we did Adventure land (minus jungle cruise) and New Orleans Square. Rides: Indian, Haunted Mansion, Splash and Pirates. These four rides took an 2 hours, why? because there was no skipping to the front of the line.

At this time we are around 1pm. we have ridden 8 rides. Having had a disney pass, having done genie plus since it has come out, This to me was a REGULAR, NOTHING SPECIAL DAY at Disney. We were needing to head over the DCA but we still had one mountain left. So our SLOW guide walked us in no special way over to Space Mountain, and again put us in the lightening line, which we then proceeded to wait 15-20 min before riding.

After Space, we had decided to stop at the locker, change, order food from the Cozy Cone and head to DCA.

Our food pick up time was 2:45 by 3:30 we were done eating, and ready to ride some more rides. Since we were in cars land, we started with radiator racers, which was a good 30-45 min wait even in the lightening lane.

By 4:00 we had only hit one ride in DCA, I had 5/6 rides still on my list, with an hour (give or take) left with the plaid. Incredicoaster, Toy Story we were able to hit, (still long ish lines (15-20) min waits for both, along with Web Slingers.

I helped cross something off my dads bucket list and now i wanted to do the same for mom. She has always wanted to ride Soarin at the very top row, so that she didnt have ppls feet in her view. I asked the guide if she thought we had time to squeeze one more thing in. Luckily she was able to cross that off the bucket list too.

After Soarin and the end of our tour we headed to lamplight lounge to have dinner. I asked specifically for the office, ive heard its hard to get into but that its super special to have your meal in there. Did that piece of magic happen? No, we got to lamplight a solid 45 min before our reservation, and our tour guide hit me with 'i have good news and bad news; bad news is, we didnt get the office, the good news is that you are checked in for your reservation. '

she told us they were cleaning off a table and that we would be seated shortly. No, once the tour guide left, we were told rudely that we were early, and would not be seated before 6:30. so we waited, finally at 6:40 we were escorted to our table outside on the patio, a table set for 8. when we had a reservation for 10. the host was not helpful when we asked for an additional table and chairs to be brought over, instead he laughed at us, as if we were joking. When the lead/ manager came over to sooth things over, she too was rude and not helpful. Stating that we could go back upstairs and wait for a larger table. No apology, no bringing over one of their many empty small tables, and chairs to rectify THEIR mistake.

After dinner we had a few hours to kill before fireworks and fantasmic, so we went and hit a 'walk-on' ride because not only were we not able to get lightning lane tickets for the one ride we didnt get to, from our plaid, but that when we went to go purchase the lightening lane through genie plus, there were no more lightening lane tickets available for the night.

our walk- on ride still had a 30 min wait. after we rushed over to get our reserved seats for the fireworks. after pushing through the wall of people and the wacky walkways that lead around the crowd for the fireworks, did we finally make it to the reserved seating. Excited to see the spooky fireworks spectacular, were we disappointed that the fireworks were not being fired die to winds (i know this is not the tour's fault; just kinda icing on the cake if you will)

then we shoved our way through the walls of people to get out seats for fantasmic. which was the third highlight of the day.

all in all to say, that the VIP tour was a WASTE OF MONEY! Being a local and a pass holder for SO LONG, i could have and have in the past achieved the same less than mediocre day at disney for a WHOLE LOT LESS MONEY.

not once in my "royal, special, once in a lifetime experience day" did i feel like the red carpet was rolled out for me, not once did I feel like a celebrity at disneyland. No, instead I left disappointed, in the highly promoted VIP tours, in disneyland itself, and more so, for my parents who spent close to $15,000 for the experience (including flights from Oregon, and Hotels once in Anaheim). Something that was supposed to be so special for me, was nothing more than my average day at Disney.

My recommendation, find yourself a local disney pro, and you can save yourself thousands of dollars, for the same crappy experience.

After the guide left, there was no difference, between her being there, and her not. One of the girls in my group, who I took to Disney last year, said that she didnt notice a difference between being on a plaid tour and being escorted by me.

She was not in plaid uniform (vest)
she was not sharing facts, stories, etc.
Écrit le 3 octobre 2022
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

William C
Tiburon, Californie12 contributions
2,0 sur 5 bulles
sept. 2022
This is a review of the Disneyland VIP Tour offered by Disneyland.

So we went to Disneyland/DCA on Sunday 9/25 and Monday
9/26 and here are my thoughts on the VIP tour.

First of all, if you have enough money to burn then don't need to read this :). This rating on how disappointing the tour set up is NOT for the tour guide. Our tour guide for both times was excellent! Especially this time! She was great! Very friendly, and outgoing, gave us lots of info on the park and kept our two kids entertained while waiting in line.

Day 1: Sunday, 9/25. I purchased Genie + as soon as we went into the park at around 950am. Since it was my first time using the Genie plus, it took about 10min to figure out how it works while my wife was waiting for the Astro Orbiter. Park was crowded but not too bad. As you can see from the picture I post, we did a total of 16 rides from 10am-6pm for both parks by utilizing the Lighting Lane (LL). We really took our time since we knew we will have the VIP tour the next day, we could have done more rides for sure if we want to but we wanted to save our energy for the next day. Total additional cost is $80 (Genie+ for 4)+$80 (ROTR)+$48 (Cars) =$208

Day 2: Monday, 9/26. VIP tour day! We met up with our tour guide at 10:30 (after doing the character dining at Plaza Inn). We first did all the rides we wanted to do that doesn't have a LL (Peter Pan, Dumbo, Alice Wonderland....etc) for our 3yr old and when we are done with those rides, the park was packed! I mean even our guide was surprised by the crowd size for a Monday in September. For other rides we did, I was surprised to find out that we need to get in at the Lighting Lane entrance with those who purchased Genie +, I thought for VIP tours you will get your own entrance. This is fine if it's not a busy day like the day before when the park is not crowded. The problem is that on a busy day, even the LL is long and took a while for couple of rides like Haunted Mansion and Soarin', we waited almost 40min for Soarin' around the world.

Our guide stayed with us from 10:30-7pm, during this time we managed to do a total of 21 rides. The VIP tour requires a minimum of 7 hours and due to a busy day at both parks, we extended extra 90mins. The rate per hour varies and on this day, our rate was $600 per hour and our grand total came out to $5,100. This means waiting for Soarin around the world cost us about $500

I really think with the amount Disney is charging ($500-$700 per hour), they should really have a separate entrance for VIP tours only. If Disney is planning to keep running the VIP tour the way it is now, then you really need to be flexible on your visiting dates, definitely pick a not-busy day to visit (check out the "is it packed" website for crowd calendar, so far I find it pretty accurate) that way you will get on more rides and a lot quicker and make your money worth. But again, if it's not busy then a Genie + might work without paying for the expensive tour. Like we managed to get 16 rides done the day before and like I said we took our time and didn't rush, otherwise we would have done more than 20 rides.

At the end of the tour, our guide was nice enough to give us 3 Lighting Lane passes to use at any attraction except the ones you need to pay for. If you look at the second picture I posted, we used them on Peter Pan, Dumbo, and Haunted Mansion.

We went back to Disneyland after dining at Cathy Circle and watching the world of color (reserved table and seating, part of the VIP tour experience)at around 10pm. By then the park was less busy so we were able to do some more rides on our own.

Our first VIP tour was back in Nov of 2021. At that time, Disneyland has not implemented the Lighting Lane yet so we were able to cut to almost the front of the line for each attraction. I was under the impression this time would be the same but unfortunately not.

If I ever decided to do VIP tours again, I will definitely pick a none busy day to visit and get as many rides without LL done as possible within the 7-hour time, then the rides with LL. After that, I will just buy Genie + and make LL appointments and pay to ride ROTR and Cars again (that is if we want to ride it again). This way we still save money by not extending the tour time. Thanks for reading my review and hope it helps.
Écrit le 28 septembre 2022
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