Hanoi Airport pick up
Hanoi Airport pick up
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nov. 2019 • En solo
It was late me and my partner landed at Hanoi airport tired from a long day of traveling, we was approached by a man offering taxi service, he was very friendly and persistent on taking us, I said no at first and was sticking to my guns about going with a well know taxi company with us been tired and wanted to get to our hotel we said yes and agreed a price which was reasonable for the distance, he escorted us to the taxi and helped with out bags, as we was about the set off another guy got in the passenger seat and the driver said don’t worry I’m just dropping a friend off home, the passenger was very chatty and helping us with some easy Vietnamese words and making sure the music was to our liking, I said to the driver I pay now so it’s sorted for our arrival, I only had a 500’000 dong note and 2x 100,000 notes and a 20,000 note as didnt have much cash for safety reasons till I got sorted the next day and I offered payment with the 500,000 note and he replied with “i don’t have change for that to big amount we go to the atm” I was concerned to why we needed to go to atm when I had more then enough to cover the 320,000 dong taxi ride so anyways he took us to the atm and pulled over, I insisted that my partner uses her card to withdraw money as she only had a little amount of dong in her account and I had a large amount in mine, we both went to the atm so my partner wasn’t alone but then I could only think about our bags been in the car, some how it happened so quick like a flash the taxi man was out the car smoking and chatting with us and some how in a flash came up to the atm and entered 5million in the keypad and pressed enter before we could even say no! It then said Insufficient funds as a low amount in the account he then tried 4million as quick as he could it still said insufficient funds again and at that point I was like no get away from the machine and let us do it, we withdrew 200,000 from the machine to cover the taxi fare, I got back in the car like what the hell has happened! This is soo strange he then asked for the fare, I paid 320,000 dong in correct notes for the fare and then we did a u turn on the high way as I had the maps on my phone set to the hotel to check we was going to right way we was luckily, he was on the phone talking loudly in Vietnamese was kinda scary Aswell he then slowed down and wound the window down and started flagging down another taxi driver, with a proper meter and sign writing over it he got the taxi driver to pull over and then swapped our bags from the original car to the proper taxi, he was like you pay for small car you must changes cars! I was like wtf is going on and all I wanted was to get to the hotel safety and protection fo me and my partner, we got in the small car and the taxi driver did not speak a word of English and had to use google translator to find out what was going on, we had maps on at all times to check were was going lucky we got near out hotel and was like pull over we’re getting out and walked 2 mins down the road to our hotel! we didn’t pay anything to the taxi driver once at the hotel and I’m still sat here wondering what would of happened if we had got the 5million out at the atm!

I hope no one ever goes through this on there first arrival in to Vietnam and allways be aware and go with there gut feeling we had a feeling from the start it was wired but didn’t expect it to turn out this strange! From now on we will learn and lucky we got to the hotel in one piece and with a price that was agreed but it could of gone so worst if the money was in our account!
Écrit le 9 novembre 2019
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Hong Kong, Chine101 contributions
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déc. 2017
i was concerned with xmas crowds thus paid for fast track into hanoi... however didnt need at all. I guess its also to do with the number of flights arriving same time too.

This is my second trip into hanoi. Immigration fast for both.
Écrit le 22 décembre 2017
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.
Les revenus influencent le choix des expériences présentées sur cette page : en savoir plus.
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