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Tomaso's Magic Tricks and Treasures

Tomaso's Magic Tricks and Treasures
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5 avis
Très bon

Alon K
18 contributions
avr. 2018 • En famille
My wife and 2 children (13, 16) had an amazing time at Tomaso's, spending almost an hour with Tomaso in his store yesterday. During that time, Tomaso showed us trick after trick, entertaining is with his humor and mastery of his craft. We also learned about his life in magic - he is supremely talented and performed in front on a President. Tomaso clearly loves his craft and more importantly, loves to entertain.

Please note that Tomaso can be a tad gruff and sarcastic, especially at first ("You touch it, you bought it"), but we quickly got past that and saw what a gem he is. He is a bit like a sabra fruit -- a little prickly on the outside, but really sweet on the inside.

Visit his store and I think you'll have a great time!
Écrit le 4 avril 2018
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Jeffrey F
Philadelphie, Pennsylvanie54 contributions
févr. 2018 • En solo
I was in the area due to a death in the family. I saw this magic shop and as a professional mentalist I thought I would stop in. Tomaso was a very personable man and great entertainer. Another gentleman walked in and he was older but wanted to learn about magic. Tomaso was great at performing some miracles for him/is. Unfortunately my time was limited but I look forward to returning in a couple of weeks.
I highly recommend this business for anyone involved in or interested in magic.
There is also a nice collection of antiques for sale (magical in their own right but not for the magician).
Écrit le 4 mars 2018
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Jim G
Southborough, MA12 contributions
déc. 2015 • En famille
My 14 year old amateur magician and I spent an awesome afternoon being entertained and sharing some nostalgic moments. Tomaso treated this amateur as a fellow magician, sharing stories and tricks of the trade. We walked away with a bag full of tricks that were fully explained and picked for his skill level. We will definitely be visiting again and again!
Écrit le 30 décembre 2015
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JoEllen W
4 contributions
juil. 2015 • En famille
This is the most awesome place I have been in. This place is like walking into a movie where they have a cool magician store. I didn't think they existed in real life but Tomaso's changed that for me! My kids loved it too, they can't wait to go back. Prices are reasonable and you can guarantee to walk away with a smile.
Écrit le 23 juillet 2015
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.

Brian Happie Foshee
Oviedo, Floride124 contributions
janv. 2015 • En famille
This is more than a store. Bring the whole family. Grandpa will sit in the back in a comfortable antique chair perusing the bin of unique canes and marveling over the 1930's vintage telephone while the vynal spins old classic music. Grandma will be looking over her reading glasses reminiscing about the toys from her childhood. Mom is fascinated with jewelry and unique purses and bathroom decor handmade from old cigar boxes. Dad can't believe his eyes as he is taken back to Christmas morning 1977 as he stared at the same toys and games he unwrapped as a kid. Go to the head of the class, KERplunk, trains and toys. The kids are marveled by Tomaso's entertaining magic tricks. He takes the time to make sure they go home knowing how to baffle friends and bask in the confidence building experience of magic! Everyone takes something home and can't wait to come back again.
He told me his stock rotates. He has back rooms filled with more stuff. He won't show it to you now so come back again and see what has changed.

Coke-a-cola and Disney antiques, original newspapers, and so much more!
Écrit le 23 janvier 2015
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