Central Prisoner of War Museum

Central Prisoner of War Museum, Lambinowice

Central Prisoner of War Museum
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7 contributions
déc. 2019 • En famille
Very interesting, but unfortunately the weather was not good. To come back in summer. It worth to rent a bike and go to every place of the museum. It is about 12 km only by bike
Écrit le 26 décembre 2019
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sept. 2019
Необходимо перед поездкой в этот музей иметь представления о теме - о советских военнопленных в 1941-1945 гг. Это не развлечение - посещение музея, но реальное понимание того, что представлял собой германский нацизм в годы Второй мировой войны и что ожидало славян в случае победы этих арийцев!
Écrit le 1 octobre 2019
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Chris R
Bournemouth, UK176 contributions
août 2019
We were staying in Opole and the museum is reasonably close. As other reviewers have said Sebastian is the man to see, his knowledge is huge and he is generous with it. The museum covers a very wide area. From the main museum which has very informative displays and conveys a real picture of the life (and death) there, you can visit by car or bike many of the areas and cemetery. There is also an old airfield complete with control towers. All in all highly recommended.
Écrit le 26 août 2019
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Surrey, UK7 contributions
juin 2019 • En solo
Brilliant museum with knowledgable tour guides! We visited the Central Prisoners of War museum in memory of our grandfather who was a POW here. Our tour guide, Sebastian, helped answer a few questions we had about our grandfathers experience. Although the museum is free I would recommend contacting them before you visit and arrange a tour guide which was inexpensive (around £10 per person) and totally worth it! Without the tour guide it would have been hard to navigate to all the sites as the museum is spread over a large area and we would have only stayed for an hour rather than the 5 hours we managed to spend here. You will definitely need a car. Thanks once again to Sebastian!
Écrit le 5 juin 2019
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Ipswich, UK4 851 contributions
août 2018 • En famille
Old and small village of Łambinowice came to fame in 1864, when in forests surrounding the village a military training area was established. From this moment history was very tough for Łambinowice. Today it is known for its Central POW Museum, which is located in one building - a former HQ of the German military base, but associated placs are spread on much larger area, and to visit everything, one would need own car or a bicycle, as public transport is infrequent and only serves the main museum. One got to realise, that although it is Poland now, till the end of WWII it was part of Germany. And Łambinowice was called Lamsdorf. So 1864 - military training area set up by Prussian government. Soon afterwards French-Prussian war broke out, and Lamsdorf was turned into POW camp for 3 thousand of French troops. The only visible mark of those days is a French cemetery with 53 graves, about 2,5 km east from todays Museum. The POW camp was reactivated during WWI, and about 90 thousand troops from Russian, English, Italian, Serb armies were held here - some 7 thousand of them stayedhere forever. WWI cemetery surrounds that one from French-Prussian war. This cemetery includes single graves and also national monuments erected by countries, whose soldiers are buried there. WWII breaks out, and as soon as 3rd September 1939 first POW arrived in a camp, now called Stalag VIII-B (later Stalag-344). Up to 100 thousand of Polish soldiers went through this prison. Also soldiers of many other nationalities - about 300 thousand all together. Between 40-100 thousand of them were murdered in Lamsdorf. When Germany attacked Russia in 1941 - new wave of POW started flowing in - Russian troops were held separately - about 40 thousand of them are burried in a large cemetery near Klucznik billage, about 2 km north from museum. Last wave of prisoners was made of partisans from fallen Warsaw Uprising of summer 1944. These people were soon moved to different prisons. On 17/18 March 1945 camps and stalags were liberated by Red Army. But before Polish administration took over from Russians, and changed the name of the village into Łambinowice - Red Army, and especially NKVD turned former stalags into resettlement camp - actually work camp for German citizens of this area, before they were moved to new Germany, of after WWII shape. Around 1,5 thousand of them died in the camp. A monument dedicated to them is located just north from museum. In 1964 the museum was established on a small parcel of land, cut out from Polish military training area. In 2002 all military training operations were moved out to other places, and the whole area became Miejsce Pamięci Narodowej (place of national memory). A brilliant exposition in Museum explains in detail those dark times in village history. Also, they offer a detailed map with all important points in larger area - that map can be found on Museums web site to.
Écrit le 15 mai 2019
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5 contributions
mars 2019 • En famille
Piękny i zabytkowy cmentarz. Dużo bardzo ciekawych mogił ludzi- żołnierzy. Po dokładnym przyjrzeniu się grobom i wczytaniu w tabliczki trudno oderwać się od następnych. Dzień za krótki, aby dokładnie zwiedzić całość.
Écrit le 27 mars 2019
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.

Jagoda J
Varsovie, Pologne452 contributions
mars 2019 • En solo
Polecam muzeum wszystkim zainteresowanym historią współczesną. W budynku głównym znajduje się ekspozycja stała poświęcona historii miejsca - obozy jenieckie istniały na tym terenie już od XIX wieku. Bardzo interesujące dla mnie było przedstawienie codzienności w stalagach i oflagach - ciekawe zbiory połączone z filmami dokumentalnymi. Niestety przeszkadzało mi słabe oświetlenie - nie byłam w stanie przeczytać wszystkich opisów, mam nadzieję że to tylko chwilowa usterka. Poza główną bryłą muzeum kilkaset metrów w głąb lasu zbajduje się cmentarz związany z obozem pracy. Położony nieco dalej jest pomnik upamiętniający jeńców radzieckich - warto podjechać samochodem.
Écrit le 17 mars 2019
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Alan W
Christchurch, Nouvelle-Zélande54 contributions
sept. 2018
First impressions are of warm late summer sun and bird song. In a place of such pain and misery Lamsdorf (Lambinowice) was a place/name that I grew up with. As a pilgrim, visiting significant WWII sites in Poland, I visited the Lambinowice museum because it was one of the stopping off points that my father spent time in as a New Zealand soldier and Prisoner of War. I was immediately impressed by the significant care and attention to the surrounding grounds. The staff were attentive and helpful, and was offered ample information and advise, I was also given the courtesy of personal private reflective time alone. Thank you.
Écrit le 27 septembre 2018
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.

Matthias D
Spa, Belgique35 contributions
juin 2018 • Entre amis
Der ehemalige Übungsplatz Lamsdorf hat eine lange Geschichte als Lager, beginnend als Kriegsgefangenenlager 1870/71, dann im ersten und zweiten Weltkrieg. Unmittelbar nach Ende des zweiten Weltkriegs wurden dann von den polnischen Machthabern Schlesier hier interniert, nur auf Grund ihrer deutschen Nationalität. Die Vorgänge in Lamsdorf 1945/46 gehören zu den grausamen und traurigen Kapiteln in der deutsch-polnischen Geschichte. Die wenigen Touristen, die sich hierher verirren, bekommen in einem gut eingerichteten Museum einen interessanten Überblick über die Geschichte der Lager. Wenn man das Museum verläßt, bleibt man allerdings perplex. Von 1945/46 keine Rede. Erst auf Nachfrage beim Personal wird mitgeteilt, dass hierzu eine Ausstellung in einem Seitengebäude existiert. In einem kleinen Raum, dem ehemaligen Wachhäuschen, wird dann diese Episode recht schnell abgehandelt. Es verwundert kaum noch, dass die Gräueltaten 1945/46 als Fehltritte von Einzelpersonen interpretiert werden, die mit den schwierigen Nachkriegsbedingungen erklärt oder gar entschuldigt werden, alle vorher in deutscher Zeit geschehenen Ereignisse aber als logische Konsequenz eines systematischen menschenverachtenden Systems in der unheiligen Tradition des preußisch-deutschen Militarismus. Geschichte in Schwarz-weiß-Holzschnitt, wie in besten Zeiten kommunistischer Indoktrination. Abgesehen davon: das riesige Areal des ehemaligen Lagers ist unübersichtlich, der Besucher irrt durch Wälder und Lichtungen ohne Hinweisschilder und verliert jetzt spätestens Geduld und Interesse. Definitiv keine Reise und keinen Abstecher wert.
Écrit le 27 juillet 2018
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.

Pologne19 contributions
juin 2017 • En famille
Bardzo ciekawe ekspozycje stałe oraz cmentarz jeniecki - szczególnie ten z okresu wojny francusko-pruskiej. Wyjazd miał charakter rodzinny - w ramach poszukiwania informacji o nieżyjącym przodku. Bardzo pomocny personel obiektu! Na miejsce najlepiej dojechać własnym samochodem (w sumie chyba nie ma innej możliwości, o ile nie jest to wyjazd o charakterze zorganizowanym).
Écrit le 6 janvier 2018
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.

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