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Paris, TX1 156 contributions
Our Family Loved This Great Ski Resort and Look Forward to Returning!
déc. 2020
My family of four (including two teenagers) visiting the Brian Head resort back at New Year's for a three day ski trip. We were looking for an affordable, slightly less crowded resort that would offer fun, long greens since our family are still building our ski skills. Also, in the midst of COVID, we were hoping to go to a less populated area that was taking the situation seriously and would make it easier to stay safe. I'm happy to say this resort met all of our needs. We absolutely loved the mountain!

The resort is an easy 2.5 to 3 hour drive NE from Las Vegas which is where we flew into. We rented ski gear in Cedar City which is where we actually stayed. The drive up each day to ski was very easy. We operated out of our car which we were able to park right by the slopes.

For us the greens on the Navajo side of the resort were just perfect. We got fresh snow one of our days which was a nice treat. The staff were all very helpful and friendly. Also, we must call out the hot chocolate offered in the Navajo was absolutely some of the best we have had anywhere.

We would highly recommend Brian Head for any ski trip. We just thoroughly enjoyed it and it didn't break the bank!
Écrit le 17 juillet 2021
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2 contributions
Great Family Vacation
mars 2021 • En famille
We spent three days at the Navajo Lodge. My children had a blast with their instructors. My instructor was Richard Browning. He was real fun, patient, and down to earth. I only took one class with him but by time we were done with the class I only fell two times, getting off the ski lift, and when I was trying to ski without looking where I was going (lol).

Overall it was a great trip, we will definitely be heading back there next year.
Écrit le 18 avril 2021
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Floride198 contributions
Great family fun!
mars 2021 • En famille
We took a break from the National Parks to ski. It was well worth the trip.

Buy your tickets on line to save and expedite your check in. The staff was very helpful in fitting the family for boots, poles and skis in an assembly line fashion. We got goggles in the ski shop- protect your retinas. (Note: Very important to cover all skin. You will burn.)

Free parking is short walk to lodge. There are plenty of lockers to rent.

There are 2 main lifts the closest to the lodge leading to beginners/Greens and the other to the Greens/more advanced and back country. There are several runs to provide variety throughout your day without repeats.

The snack bar is clean and provides plenty of seating. The kids meal is the best value which includes drink.

We had a great time and would return again!

Thanks for a great day!
Écrit le 8 avril 2021
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.

1 contribution
First time skiers with instructor Richard Browning
mars 2021
My partner and I had never been skiing but wanted to give it a try. We came to Brian Head bunny slopes for two days and got all our rentals at Georges in town (except for goggles which we got on amazon beforehand). The first day we had an intro group lesson with Richard Browning. There were about 6 people total in the class and Richard was an excellent instructor. He was really nice, knew what he was talking about, and made it fun. We learned how to carry skis the right way, take them on and off, how to stop, how to get up, turn, slow down, stop. By the end of the day we were just as good as most of the kids around. We were nervous about being adults and our first time on the slopes but the lesson and environment made us not feel embarrassed about our skill level. By the second day we were comfortable enough with our basic skills to try the Navajo trail. The food situation was very limited, think cafeteria options at airport prices. For vegetarians there was a salad, impossible burger, and cheese pizza. For vegans, maybe a yogurt parfait. There aren't really even good options in Brian Head to drive to if you want to risk loosing your good parking spot. Next time I'd pack ahead for lunch.
Écrit le 3 avril 2021
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Kelly R
California5 contributions
Ask for Richard!
mars 2021 • En famille
I booked an afternoon group adult intermediate ski lesson and was lucky enough to be the only person who signed up! Richard was my instructor and he was AWESOME! He watched me ski and tailored my lesson to my individual needs. I told him my goals and we spent the entire 2.5 hours doing different drills so I could improve my technical skills. I left feeling much more confident and was able to enjoy my next 2 days on the mountain so much more!
Écrit le 30 mars 2021
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.

26 contributions
mars 2021 • Entre amis
So , I buy a lift ticket for $68 plus tax , only to find that their main lift would be down for the day . No mention of this when purchasing the ticket!!!! Now, everyone has to use the slowest antiquated chair lifts without safety bars !!
It was torture !!! Not a fun day !!!!
Écrit le 25 mars 2021
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.

Sarah A
Las Vegas, NV12 contributions
Great resort - Lessons are so beneficial!
mars 2021 • En famille
Brian head Resort has great facilities, It’s so much fun, while maintaining Covid protocols. My son had David as his ski instructor and in the words of my son David was a very calm, courteous, knowledgeable instructor. My son is an intermediate skier and while he can “ski” he took away valuable information to help him be a safe and better skier.
Écrit le 14 mars 2021
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.

Ryan B
1 contribution
ski slopes ok, tubing and lodging big time thumbs down
févr. 2021
Our review is for ski slopes, tubing and lodging. We only live a few hours away and are able to use Sundance season passes for three free ski days at Brian Head. Brilliant program-thank you for this. That is probably the only reason we will ever be back-because we can ski for free. We concur with other reviews that the lifties were only concerned about face masks covering every centimeter of our noses (really if our nostrils are covered lets call it good-we are ten feet from anyone else AND OUTSIDE for heavens sake) AND scanning our stupid passes. The lift lines were ridiculously long and the lifties had a hard time remembering who they had scanned and which side of the line had just been allowed to get on so it took FOREVER-super frustrating. The two fast high speed lifts were a great bonus.

The lodging in the Brian Head resorts are seriously lacking. Every room we have ever stayed in is extremely worn down, very outdated and this time was seriously disgusting and filthy. Like others have stated, the refund policy IS NON EXISTENT at the entire resort/city/area. We met family from Vegas and had no other options even if we could have cancelled once we saw our condo unit to try and move to another place. There is definitely a monopoly going on with lodging so owners/resort do not have to maintain any sense of quality on their lodging rentals which is very disappointing.

Now on to the tubing runs on the Navajo side of the mountain. We were extremely excited to pre-book this (ha) and experience this with our family. We have tubed on a couple other mountains so know what it is like to get a tube, ride a magic carpet up the mountain and go down tubing runs. First of all, we believe that they oversell tickets for each session. We timed how long it took to get in line and ride to the top and it was 12-15 minutes EVERY SINGLE TIME...which meant that we spent at least half of our 90 minute time slot to ride tubes IN LINE...ridiculous. Too many people were in each session. We missed the initial instruction as we could not find parking and had to circle the extremly small parking lot ten times before we could find a spot to park so were unsure of what to do. We tried to follow suit of the people ahead of us and our children were yelled at and reprimmanded because they did not know when to get on the magic carpet (even though there was an individual sitting there to help...they only worried about getting mad at us, in face the only time we had a worker speak to any of the ten in our party was to chastise us-not one word of helpfulness or instruction after it was clear some of our party did not know what to do). Once at the top of the magic carpet, there are ten or eleven individual tube runs. The three to four workers said NOTHING to any of us once we arrived at the top...nothing to the affect of go ahead and fill all of the lanes up, move down to the end of the row so that there aren't three and four people in line in the first few tube lanes, wait for the tubers at the bottom to get off...NOTHING like this. We had to figure it out by ourselves. It was very irritating that they would not fill up every lane as to maximize our time on the hill so that we could get as many runs in as possible. We asked about it and were told that they can't force people to go...YES THEY CAN! You are in charge Brian Head tell us the rules. Tell people to fill every EMPTY tubing lane in so that more people can ride! $5 or $6 per tube ride on average is garbage. We would not recommend doing this to anyone. Bring your own sled and go find a hill and sled on your own time and for zero dollars.
Écrit le 27 février 2021
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.

Ashley Colleen
1 contribution
Great experience
févr. 2021 • Entre amis
Richard was my ski instructor for the morning and he was incredible. He made my skiing experience extremely fun and I feel 10x more comfortable going down the hills than I did before. He made the experience. Thanks Richard!
Écrit le 19 février 2021
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.

Jamin D
Huntington Beach, Californie13 contributions
Inexpensive, but not sure that makes up for it.
janv. 2021
We are a family of five with 3 kids ages 9-14. We are not picky. We are not high maintenance. We are all fairly experienced skiers and snowboarders having visited Mammoth, Tahoe, Colorado and the Salt Lake resorts. This was our first, and most likely, last time visiting Brian Head.

Before going, I've had several people tell me how great it is for the kids and how cheap it is compared to Mammoth or Tahoe. Mammoth is usually our go to resort but decided to try Brian Head with some friends that regularly go there and love it and because Mammoth is obscenely expensive this year due to COVID, I guess?

The snow was not great, but I'm not going to knock the resort based on coverage or snow pack as every resort has its good and bad years for snow. We stayed on the Big Steps side as the Navajo side didn't have great coverage and was mainly beginner runs.

The first lift up, the lift employee was more concerned with scanning my sons ticket than getting him safely on the lift. Instead of scanning it as we were coming into the line, he decided scanning it last minute as he was trying to get on the chair was the right time to do it. He chased him down with the scanner gun while the bar of the chair knocked him off balance. That was our intro to the Brian Head employees. It continued like that for the 3 days we were there. Hyper focused on scanning tickets, not so much on efficiently of getting people on the chairs or managing lines. Maybe they get paid per scan?

The mountain itself is pretty beginner to intermediate and small compared to a Mammoth. But it is definitely less expensive. I heard there was a park and was looking forward to some jumps. There were no jumps. There is one decent sized park but it's all rails and boxes, and medium sized ones at that. No beginner or small ones for kids which I thought was odd. They have this big park with one size of rails and boxes which are more advanced than the rest of the terrain at the resort. So that seemed a little mismatched. If the resort is mainly beginner to intermediate terrain, why doesn't the park match that? Or have a variety? And no jumps.

The food wasn't too expensive, but that did not make up for how painfully slow it took 4 employees to cook a hamburger. There were maybe 4 people waiting for food at the grill and it took no less than 25 minutes for these employees to cook this thing. No exaggeration. Second day, same thing. On the third day, I just grabbed the boxed pizza. Lesson learned.

I can see if you're looking for terrain that's not too challenging, you're a beginner, or your kids are beginners, this place is okay for that. But the employee's focus on ticket scanning rather than the humans trying to get on the lift and the zero sense of urgency with the food service and overall lackadaisical vibe of the employees was kinda a downer.

And on a note about the town of Brian Head (unrelated to the resort), we stayed in both a nice-ish hotel and AirBnb and at both places, the hot water didn't last for more than a couple minutes. Don't know if that's a town thing or we were just unlucky. Don't think we'll be back.
Écrit le 16 février 2021
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de TripAdvisor LLC.

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