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Hotel Ristorante Villa Paradiso

Via Croce, Foggia Italie
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The Good The property is located in the rolling hills outside of the small town of Anzano. The view from our room was breath taking. Visable were the many small rustic towns that nestle in and on top of the surrounding hills. The hotel was clean and the rooms and washrooms were quite spacious. Many of the serving staff are from Romania and spoke a spattering of English. They were polite and attentive. The Bad As you enter each floor, from the elevator, you are faced with an expanse of hallway approximately 30 feet long by 20 feet wide. The rooms are located on the perimeter of what can only be described as a school dormatory. Consequently this vacuous expanse echos with the sound of doors opening and slaming throughout the night. There is a large surrounding balcony on the first level but it serves no purpose as there are no chairs or tables from which you could sit outside and enjoy the warm gentle breezes or view the wonderful scenery. The only place that could have been amenable to relaxation is beside the pool...but I will get to that later. The owner of this relatively new hotel simply missed the mark when it came to decorating. Rather than the rich earthy tones that you would expect to see in Southern Italy the owner opted for monastery white in all the room. There were no pictures/wall decorations except for the one miniscule embroidered work of art (?) , per room, hung two inches from the ceiling. Although each room was equipped with a telephone...they didn't work. The bathrooms were large and clean however there were no towels or at least anything that resembled a towel. Rather we were provided with what appeared to be white table clothes and napkins of various sizes. There were no towels that could be used during a visit to the pool. The dining room was, overly spacious and decorated in cheap "wedding" decor. Gaudy arrangements and nic naks surround the central dining area. The chairs are covered in white slip covers complete with the obligatory bow on the back of each chair. The best description would be ......tacky. I guess the owner believed that this "lovely" decor justified the 35 euro cost for dinner. Needless to say we didn't eat in the dining room. Who needs to have their artistic senses assaulted during a rather mundane meal. Maid service to the room was lacking. On two of the four days of our visit the room was not serviced. On the first occasion I had returned to my room for an afternoon nap. The maid entered and found me asleep. She never returned. On the second occasion, when we complained, rather than apologize and promptly send a maid up to our room, the owner advised that the room was not cleaned because we had not left our key with the front desk. We had never been advised that we had to leave the key. The maid did not have our key on the first occasion and was able to enter the room so I can only assume that the owner just didn't care and used whatever excuse he could think of. There is a large pool located on the property. Access to this pool is rather difficult in that you have to walk through the main lobby of the hotel, across the parking lot , through a fence made of rather cheap green floppy netting ,along a terrace where the pool restaurant is located and down a flight of steel steps. The hotel advertises that it has a pool. What it does not advertise is that it is a public pool. The pool is available to all the children of the surrounding towns for the price of 8 euros per day. Starting at 9 a.m. parents drop the children off and don't pick them up until 5 p.m. At any given time there were 30 or more children of all ages in the pool and we all know what children do in pools!! Although there was a life guard on site she did not seem to police the pool area. All day the children were running and screaming and playing with soccer balls.....not beach balls as one would expect....but hard soccer balls. The first day of our stay I decided to sit on the terrace surrounding the pool. As I sat reading and enjoying the sun I was hit in the head by one of the soccer balls. It hurt and needless to say I did not feel safe to return. We did complain to the owner about the soccer ball incident and he apologized. His response to our complaint about the infusion of children at the pool was that he "was just trying to keep everyone happy" . It would appear that the happiness of the children for 8 euros a day was far more important that his paying guests at 140 euros per day. Located pool side is a bar/snack bar. Starting at 8 a.m. until 2 a.m. in the morning music blares in a disco like fashion from outside speakers. Each morning I was awakening at 8 a.m. by songs such as Speedy Gonzales or I'm Bringing Sexy Back. One of the few pleasures attached to this hotel are the warm breezes that filter through the room windows. In an attempt to get to sleep at night we had to close the windows. Unfortunately the music still managed to assault our sleep. We complained. For a few hours the music was turned down only to be turned back up louder than before our complaint. We had planned to stay for 5 days at this hotel. On the fourth day one of the members of our party, the only one who speaks Italian, having had enough, attended to speak once again to the owner. The owner starting to scream at him. Stating that we were always complaining (about the maid service, our inability to use the pool and the blaring music (can you imagine complaining about such trivialities !!) and ordered us to leave the hotel. We left the next morning. I would not reccommend this hotel to anyone not even my worst enemy. The owner missed the mark when envisioning his Italian Villa. If you are looking for a peaceful enjoyable vacation do not stay at the Villa Paradiso......or rather I should say Villa Inferno!!! | | | | | Inbox Get the latest updates from MSN Home |
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