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Hard Rock Cafe

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dim. 17/02

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Attestation d'ExcellenceLauréat 2015, 2018
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10 $US - 30 $US
Régimes spéciaux
Végétariens bienvenus, Plats sans gluten
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Rock 'n' roll opens strong. so does the rock ‘n’ roll restaurant – w/ mouth-watering appetizers crafted by hand & made from scratch. Try the jumbo combo for a sampling of our greatest hits
Jumbo Combo
(2805 Calories) A delectable array of our most popular starters that’s big enough to share. includes santa fe spring rolls, hickory-smoked chicken wings, onion rings, potato skins & tupelo chicken tenders. served w/ four different sauces for mixing & matching
Hard Rock Nachos
(2047 Calories) Fresh corn tortilla chips piled high w/ Jack & Cheddar cheeses & seasoned pinto beans. Served w/ sour cream, chopped green onions, pico de gallo, jalapeños & a side of fresh Hard Rock Grilled Salsa. Big enough to share.
Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings
(704 Calories) Colossal wings, hickory-smoked in our hardwood smoker. have them buffalo style or fire-grilled w/ your choice of classic rock, heavy metal, or tangy bar-b-que sauces. served w/ celery sticks & blue cheese dressing.
Potato Skins
(1213 Calories) Large potato shells, fried golden brown, filled w/ jack & cheddar cheeses, crisp seasoned bacon & green onions. Served w/ a side of sour cream for dipping.
Tupelo Chicken Tenders
(912 Calories) Boneless, seasoned & breaded chicken tenders, served w/ honey-mustard & hickory bar-b-que sauces on the side or tossed in our classic rock, heavy metal, or tangy bar-b-que sauces. Served w/ celery sticks & blue cheese dressing.
Balsamic Tomato Bruschetta
(708 Calories) Fresh diced roma tomatoes marinated w/ chopped garlic, fresh basil, & aged balsamic vinegar on olive oil toasted, sliced ciabatta bread. Topped w/ parsley, grated romano, & shaved parmesan cheese.
Santa Fe Spring Rolls
(969 Calories) Stuffed w/ spinach, black beans, cilantro, corn, jalapenos, diced red peppers & jack cheese. Served w/ freshly made hard rock salsa, guacamole & chipotle ranch dressing
Due to product availability & regulatory requirements, some menu items may not be available in every cafe. We apologize in advance if your menu selection is not available
Fresh, fine, earth-friendly ingredients are a given here. Our chefs care deeply, so that steak is nothing less than center-cut usda choice, corn-fed & aged for 21 days, & that salmon filet is from the pristine fjords of norway.
Your choice of grilled chicken or beef served w/ pico de gallo, shredded monterey jack & cheddar cheeses, fresh guacamole, sour cream, shredded lettuce & hot flour tortillas.
Grilled Chicken
(1237‎ calories)
Grilled Beef
(1493 calories)
Grilled Shrimp
(1205 calories)
Duo Combo
(1349 calories)
Trio Combo
(1447 calories)
Shrimp Skewer
New York Strip Steak
(1300 calories) A USDA choice 21-day-aged, center-cut, 12 oz. New york strip steak grilled to your liking & topped w/ merlot-garlic butter. Served w/ fresh vegetables & garlic herb smashed potatoes w/ gravy
Grilled Sirloin Steak
(997 calories) Choice 8 oz. sirloin steak grilled to your liking & topped w/ merlot-garlic butter. Served w/ fresh vegetables & garlic herb smashed potatoes w/ gravy
Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese
(1712 calories A grilled chicken breast tops off twisted cavatappi pasta tossed in a lightly spiced 3-cheese sauce, w/ garlic, roasted red peppers & romano parsley bread crumbs. Served w/ a side of garlic toast
All our delectable beef legends come w/ seasoned fries. r, for a little extra, freshly hand-breaded onion rings. Layer on caramelized onions or braised mushrooms for an additional charge
Legendary 10 Oz. Burger
(1551 calories)Famous the world over: topped w/ seasoned bacon, two slices of Cheddar cheese, a crisp fried onion ring, lettuce, tomato, & pickles. Chicken substitute: 1235 calories
S.O.B. Burger
(1410 calories) Basted w/ spicy Chipotle Pepper puree & topped w/ Montery Jack cheese. Served on a buttered-toasted bun w/ Hard Rock Guacamole & grilled onions. Chicken substitute: 1135 calories
Hickory Bbq Bacon Cheeseburger
(1648 calories) Basted w/ our special Hickory Bar-B-Que sauce & smothered w/ caramelized onions. Topped w/ crisp seasoned bacon & melted Cheddar cheese. Chicken substitute: 1311 calories
The Big Cheese
(1437 calories) Topped w/ three thick slices of your choice of cheeses. Choose from American, Monterey Jack, Cheddar or Swiss. Chicken substitute: 1371 calories
Red, White & Blue Burger
(1352 calories) Laced & grilled w/ our spicy Buffalo sauce & Cajun Seasoning, then topped w/ crumbled blue cheese & a crisp fried onion ring. Chicken substitute: 1076 calories
Mushroom & Swiss Burger
(1446 calories) Smothered w/ sauteed mushrooms & topped w/ two slices of Swiss cheese. Chicken substitute: 1170 calories
California Burger
(1548 calories) A toasted bun brushed w/ Ranch dressing, fresh cucumber slices, lettuce, tomato, freshmade Hard Rock Guacamole & topped w/ Monterey Jack cheese. Chicken substitute: 1308 calories
Veggie Leggie
(903 calories) Our grilled Veggie Leggie patty is topped w/ a grilled Portabello mushroom, zucchini, yellow squash & roasted red pepper. Served on a toasted bun w/ lemon mayo, leaf lettuce, sliced tomato & grilled sweet onions. Served w/ a salad w/ your choice of dressing.
Turkey Burger
(1005 calories) Grilled turkey patty served on a toasted bun w/ jerk mayo, leaf lettuce, tomato slice & red onion rings. Topped w/ pepper jack cheese & fresh avocado slices. Served w/ a salad w/ your choice of dressing.
Just like in tennessee, the smokers are here in our kitchen, where they should be. Your chef can make sure it brings out just the right, rustic, wonderful, wood-smoke flavor.
Duo combo (1766 calories)
Trio combo (2166 calories)
Hickory-Smoked Bar-B-Que Combo
Can’t decide? get the best of our smokehouse! your choice of bar-b-que ribs, bar-b-que chicken Or smoked pulled pork. Served w/ seasoned fries, ranch beans & fresh cole slaw.
Hickory-Smoked Bar-B-Que Chicken
(1115 calories) Our famous southern-style half-chicken, rubbed, grilled, & basted w/ our authentic hickory bar-b-que sauce. served w/ seasoned fries, ranch beans & fresh coleslaw
Hickory-Smoked Bar-B-Que Ribs
(1798 calories) Afull rack of west tennessee-style ribs rubbed then basted w/ our authentic hickory bar-b-que sauce & cooked to perfection – so the meat falls right off the bone. served w/ seasoned fries, ranch beans & fresh coleslaw
All sandwiches served w/ seasoned fries or substitute onion rings for additional charge. Add a side caesar or house salad for additional charge. Add a side caesar or house salad for an additional fee.
Side Caesar
House Salad
Blackened Fish Of The Day Sandwich
(816 calories) Ask your server about today’s catch that is blackened over a fire grill & served on a toasted bun w/ dill mayo, fresh cucumber planks, shredded iceberg lettuce, leaf lettuce, sliced tomato & sweet red onion rings. served w/ a salad w/ your choice of dressing
Side Caesar
House Salad
California Chicken Club Sandwich
(1150 calories) Grilled chicken, crisp seasoned bacon, fresh avocado slices, tomato, lemon mayo & lettuce on toasted bread. served w/ seasoned fries
Side Caesar
House Salad
Goat Cheese Chicken Salad Sandwich
(708 calories) Poached chicken tossed w/ celery, green onions, in a light citrus mayo dressing w/ dijon mustard & dill; on a toasted hoagie roll w/ spring mix topped w/ dried cranberries & goat cheese crumbles. served w/ a side salad or fresh seasonal fruit
If you’re looking for pulled pork, you’ve come to the right place. We’re the smokehouse masters. Sandwiches served w/ seasoned fries, ranch beans & fresh cole slaw. Any sandwich can be made w/ smoked pulled chicken as an alternative
Hickory-Smoked Pulled-Pork Sandwich
(1395 cal) Hickory-smoked pork, hand pulled, so it’s tender & juicy. served w/ your choice of our authentic vinegar-based or hickory bar-b-que sauces & topped w/ marinated slaw
Bbq Pulled Chicken Sandwich
(1442 calories) Our in-house smoked chickens that are hand-pulled, so the meat is tender & juicy. Served on a toasted ciabatta bun topped w/ our hickory bar-b-que sauce. topped w/ our creamy cole slaw
Shang Hi
(1658 calories) Asian 5 spice bar-b-que sauce w/ homemade asian style pickled cucumbers w/ sriracha mayonnaise drizzle.Chicken substitute: 1504 calories
South Carolina
(1762 calories) Tangy homemade south carolina style mustard bar-b que sauce w/ crispy slaw & crispy cayenne onions. Chicken substitute: 1608 calories
The Texan
(2016 calories) Chipotle & hickory bar-b-que sauce, cheddar cheese, crispy jalapenos & crispy onions... everything is bigger in texas chicken substitute: 1862 calories go big & make it a 10oz. Bar-b-que sandwich for an additional charge (pork = 2077 calories, chicken substitute = 1921 calories)
We match the extraordinary & fresh produce w/ an extraordinary selection of hand-made dressings: ranch, honey mustard, honey citrus, caesar, blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, lite Italian & oil & vinegar
Honey-Citrus Grilled Chicken Salad
(923 calories) Fresh cut greens tossed w/ sweet red onions, grilled cajun chicken & tossed w/ our honey-citrus dressing. Topped w/ fresh orange segments, spiced pecans, red pepper strips, sweetened dried cranberries & blue cheese crumbles.
Haystack Chicken Salad
(1103 calories) This hard rock special combines fresh mixed greens, carrots, corn, diced tomatoes, pico de gallo & shredded cheese. Topped w/ tupelo fried chicken or a grilled chicken breast. tossed w/ ranch dressing & topped w/ spiced pecans & crisp tortilla straws.
Caesar Salad
(791 calories) Crisp romaine lettuce tossed w/ our scratch-made caesar dressing, fresh baked croutons, grated romano cheese & crispy seasoned bacon bits. Garnished w/ shaved parmesan cheese & whole black olives. For an extra charge:add grilled chicken (156 calories)add grilled shrimp (119 calories)add grilled salmon (459 calories)
Cajun Shrimp & Poached Pear Salad
(813‎ calories) Spring mix tossed w/ goat cheese crumbles, chopped seasoned bacon & a sweet dijon pear dressing. Topped w/ poached pear segments, spicy pecans & grilled sweet cajun shrimp
Smokehouse Chop Salad
(1092 Calories) Freshly chop mixed field greens tossed w/ diced smoked chicken, spicy bacon & pecans, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo w/ a smoky citrus vinaigrette & topped w/ fresh sliced avocado
Twisted Mac & Cheese
(742 Calories)
Seasonal Veggie
(66-131 Calories)
Seasoned French Fries
(287 Calories)
Grilled Shrimp Skewer
(119 Calories)
Garlic Herb Smashed Potatoes
(191‎ Calories)
Seasonal Fruit
(165 Calories)
Garlic Toast
(600 Calories)
Side House Salad
(321-647 Calories)
Side Caesar Salad
(384 Calories)
Hand-Breaded Onion Rings
(541 Calories)
Hard rock cafe is proud to feature ben & jerry's as our premium ice cream
Definition - a bite, a nibble, a taste. Just enough to satisfy one or order a round to share. Everyone has room for a bite. Each available in a souvenir glass for an additional fee.
Chocolate Mousse Bite
(177 calories) Simple & light: rich whipped chocolate mousse served w/ a light chocolate sauce.
Strawberry Cheesecake Bite
(416 calories) A rich New York-style cheesecake filling w/ a light graham cracker crust & rich strawberry sauce.
Crème Brûlée Bite
(692 calories) A rich french pastry cream topped w/ a sugar brûlée crust
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Bite
(649 calories) Made w/ peanut butter, cream & semi-sweet chocolate. Topped w/ roasted chopped peanuts.
Small (217 calories)
Large (648 calories)
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Our hard rock signature ice cream offerings are chocolate or vanilla.
Fresh Apple Cobbler
(1321 calories) A country favorite, served warm w/ ben & Jerry's vanilla ice cream, topped w/ walnuts & caramel sauce.
Hot Fudge Brownie
(1338 calories) Ben & jerry’s vanilla ice cream & hot fudge on a fresh brownie, topped w/ chopped walnuts, chocolate sprinkles, fresh whipped cream & a cherry.
Sinful Hot Fudge Sundae
(1059 calories) Three large scoops of ben & jerry’s vanilla ice cream, topped w/ our famous hot fudge sauce, chopped walnuts, fresh whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles & a cherry.
For ages 10 & under. Set price includes kids drink.
C.A.B. Cheeseburger
A lil' version of our famous certified angus beef hard rock cafe burger on a toasted bun. Choice of American, Cheddar or Swiss cheese. Served w/ french fries.
Cheesy Mac
Every‎ lil' rocker's favorite - twisted macaroni & a creamy cheese sauce. Served w/ garlic toast.
Pasta With Red Sauce
Twisted macaroni w/ red sauce. Served w/ garlic toast.
Chicken Tenders
Crisp fried chicken served w/ honey mustard sauce. Served w/ french fries.
Hot Dog
An all-beef hot dog on a toasted bun. Served w/ french fries.
Bbq Drum Sticks
Crispy chicken drum sticks tossed in our sweet hickory bbq sauce. Served w/ french fries.
Oven Roasted Chicken Salad
Fresh greens, toasted croutons, oven roasted chicken breast, seasoned bacon bits. Cheddar & jack cheese. Served w/ your choice of dressing
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110 avis sur 1 675
Avis publié : Il y a 2 jours

Nous avons demandé de l’eau au serveur qui n’ai jamais venu l’apporter. Plats de Ribs plutôt bons et très copieux , dommage que le service........

Date de la visite : février 2019
Merci zubrus
Avis publié : Il y a 1 semaine

restaurant très bien placé en plein time square , bondé les 2 fois ou nous y sommes allés, très bon service. une fois content, une autre fois déçu,en effet les plats sont arrives très longtemps après notre commande presque froids. saumon pour moi et hickory...Plus

Date de la visite : septembre 2018
Merci lolcauet
hrcnycgm, Guest Relations Manager de Hard Rock Cafe, a répondu à cet avisA répondu Il y a 1 semaine
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Hello, Thank you for taking the time review your recent visit. Although we are happy to see you enjoyed the...Plus

Avis publié : il y a 2 semaines par mobile

J’ai connu ce Hard Rock en octobre 2014 a l’occasion d’un voyage en solitaire et en avait une très bonne impression. J’ai été bien déçu de présenter cela à ma compagne cette année: accueil décevant, service lent, serveur qui disparaît de longs (très longs) moments......Plus

Date de la visite : février 2019
Merci Remi97433
hrcnycgm, Guest Relations Manager de Hard Rock Cafe, a répondu à cet avisA répondu Il y a 1 semaine
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Hi Remi, We are truly saddened to see your experience was less than a five star one. Our goal is...Plus

Avis publié : il y a 2 semaines par mobile

Superbe emplacement. En revanche, nous avons été assez mal accueillis et poussez vers la sortie des le repas terminé. Décoration sympa. Plus que mitigé!Plus

Date de la visite : février 2019
Merci Pierre Henri C
hrcnycgm, Guest Relations Manager de Hard Rock Cafe, a répondu à cet avisA répondu Il y a 1 semaine
Google Traduction

Greetings Pierre, I am truly sorry to hear about your recent experience. Here at Hard Rock we strive to deliver...Plus

Avis publié : il y a 4 semaines par mobile

Aucune attente après être allés voir une comédie musicale. L’ambiance HRC est respectée et le lieu est beau. 70$ pour deux: cocktails + burger sur c’est un peu cher surtout que le Legendary burger n’a pas grand chose d’exceptionnel...Plus

Date de la visite : janvier 2019
Merci 26Ben26
hrcnycgm, Public Relations Manager de Hard Rock Cafe, a répondu à cet avisA répondu il y a 4 semaines
Google Traduction

Hello, Thank you for rating your recent experience. Here at Hard Rock Café, our goal is to deliver a five...Plus

Avis écrit le 1 janvier 2019

Fan inconditionnel des HRC, quelle déception : plat servi froid, attente alors que l'on a un coupe-file, ... heureusement que le lieu est magnifique ! Notre serveur, Luke, nous a sauvé notre soirée avec enfin des plats chauds ;-) Spéciale dédicace aux vendeurs de la...Plus

Date de la visite : décembre 2018
Merci Laurent7331
hrcnycgm, Guest Relations Manager de Hard Rock Cafe, a répondu à cet avisA répondu le 12 janvier 2019
Google Traduction

Greetings Laurnet, We are happy Luke was able to save the day and you had a great time in the...Plus

Avis écrit le 13 décembre 2018

Vraiment une plaisanterie ce restaurant qui est dans un sous-sol .... 1) Faites très attention à votre placement. Il faut exiger la salle principale qui est la seule dans l'esprit hard rock café. En effet il y a une salle plus petite qui ressemble à...Plus

Date de la visite : janvier 2018
Merci Pierre-Edouard L
Avis écrit le 29 novembre 2018

Petit-déjeuner buffet copieux et délicieux! N'y allez que si vous avez très faim car ce n'est pas donné (19$) ! Mais pas de déception à craindre, le Hard Rock café tient ses promesses... Et dans un lieu mythique qui vaut le coup d'oeil quoi qu'il...Plus

Date de la visite : novembre 2018
Merci Elo3108
hrcnycgm, Guest Relations Manager de Hard Rock Cafe, a répondu à cet avisA répondu le 29 novembre 2018
Google Traduction

Good day, Thank you for trying our breakfast. We are glad you enjoyed the mystical dinning room. Thank you so...Plus

Avis écrit le 17 novembre 2018 par mobile

Superbe emplacement. Décoration et ambiance top et service nickel. Nourriture de qualité. Comme dans chaque ville ou il est présent arrêt obligatoirePlus

Date de la visite : novembre 2018
Merci RegArlon
hrcnycgm, Guest Relations Manager de Hard Rock Cafe, a répondu à cet avisA répondu le 17 novembre 2018
Google Traduction

Greetings Regarlon, Thank you so much for the kind words about our Café. We are so glad you enjoyed all...Plus

Avis écrit le 5 novembre 2018

Dîner au service impeccable ! Mythique restaurant avec du son dans les oreilles pendant tout le repas (et écran géant). Burgers excellents et menu enfant abordable et très copieux ! Un conseil : réservez votre table à l'avance sur le site Internet comme ça aucune...Plus

Date de la visite : octobre 2018
Merci NathalieBLF
hrcnycgm, Guest Relations Manager de Hard Rock Cafe, a répondu à cet avisA répondu le 5 novembre 2018
Google Traduction

Hello Nathalie, Thank you so very much for the kind words about our Café. We appreciate you dropping by!

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Bonjour, Pas de réservation pour nous mais l'organisation est bien rodée. L'attente au bar est de courte durée et permet de boire un verre en savourant l'ambiance. Bon séjour à vous
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