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Avis Croisières MSC Magnifica

Paris, France
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Avis Croisières MSC Magnifica

Pros and bads as neutral as possible.

Let's start with the bads.

Trip from 19th to 26th July 2015 on MSC Magnifica. Cabin sea view Fantastica. Travelling one adult and 3 kids.

First, the queue at the port. Queuing for about an hour under heat with no information was already a pain. Then you leave your bags and you get inside the terminal where you have to queue a second time to check in.

While getting to check in, you have already been attacked by photographer and staff selling you drink packages. Yes the bill on drink goes quickly through the roof if not careful.

Once checked in, we thought we made it through. Then we realized we had to take a small boat to get to the big one. So far, no information from MSC about what is happening. Really their capacity of communication was really low.

Once on the boat, we are told that some strike has prevented the boat to enter Venice and this is why we had to take a small boat. Woah!! finally some informations.

Again my opinion is based on one adult travelling with 3 kids. Might not be relevant to anyone.

You gonna keep buying those drinking package for 34€ for 14 soft drinks. Yes this is expensive.

Let's talk now about excursion. Again good sales peoples advice is to book to see as much as possible but let me tell you, this was all fustrating. You don't really have time to see anything.

In Greece, we choose the beach transfer to stay about 2 hours at most then have to take the bus back.

In Izmir, it was a fun park where, again only 2 hours spent there. Istanbul was the longest stay but again it is rushing all the time. Finally Dubrovni definitely not worth it. A simple taxi will take you in the old city for nothing. The excursion is definitely not worth it.

At the end of the day, with drinks, excursion and 50 items for dry cleaning = 898€ EXTRA's

Interesting part for dry cleaning.

I left 22 items on tuesday and was supposed to get them back on wednesday at 1700. Nothing then, without any info. I chase and I am told it will be delivered on thrusday 8am. Back from excursion, still nothing. I am told it will be delivered by 1800. With 3 kids and no clean underwear left, I insisted and they delivered at 5pm. I did not, with a delivery at 5PM, have enough time to give them the 28 other items I was entitle to since time was running short. BUT THEY STILL BILLED ME THE WHOLE PACKAGE.

The swimming pool is minuscule (both exterior and interior). You can feel the crowd when at sea. By the way, it is salted water in the swimming pool

Now the pros

Nice boat. Most of the staff is trying to help.

There is always something opened to eat. The restaurant Sahara is open 20/24h with snack and diner. The restaurant (Edera) served very nice and quality food.

The sea view was nice but, if you have to go, choose the balcony. If changes a lot.

There is a football pitch that kids loved. We did not try the kids club but it seemed ok. There is always something happing at the swimming pool like dances or games.

Hyères, France
pour Corse, Crète, Var, Croisières
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