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Arnaque Location de voiture avec Wiber à Alicante

Montrouge, France
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Arnaque Location de voiture avec Wiber à Alicante

Très mauvaise expérience lors de la restitution de notre véhicule. Il nous a été reproché d'avoir éraflé le dessous du pare choc (quasiment invisible à l’œil nu) C'est en passant sa main sous le pare choc que l'employé a soit disant repéré ce problème. Nous sommes certains que celle qui a procédé à la livraison de la voiture n'a pas passé en revue le dessous du pare choc, ce qui n'a pas attiré notre attention. Nous sommes donc accusés de dommage pour lequel nous ne sommes pas responsables.

Un conseil : ne leur faites pas confiance, c'est une arnaque connue chez les loueurs low cost , donc le mieux ne les choisissez pas !

je vais également laissé d'autres avis négatifs sur d'autres sites d'évaluation afin de mettre en garde les futurs clients.

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1. Re: Arnaque Location de voiture avec Wiber à Alicante

OUI WIBER est une société qui arnaque ses clients extrêmement désagréable surtout a Alicante

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2. Re: Arnaque Location de voiture avec Wiber à Alicante

et pas seulement à Alicante!! L’agence de Palma de Majorque est tout aussi révoltante!!

Voici le mail que je leur ai envoyé

⚠️⚠️⚠️ BEWARE ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Never rent a car with this company : ❌ WIBER RENT A CAR. ❌The only thing they want is to make you pay and steal money of honest people.

They made us pay 80 euros for a less than 2mm mark on the car and other people have also be stolen by them. Do not trust the good comments on them because it is juste when you take the extra fee 100 euros insurance.

Here there is the email i wrote to their customer service but they did not give my money back. I will try to join the picture of our « damage » or you can see it here :

Good afternoon,

I am writting this email to express my extreme disappointment on your company. We rent a car at your office at Palma de Majorque during the period of 6th-11th of september 2018 and we feel like we were treated like idiots by your team. We are two students who love travelling and for the first time we could rent a car to explore the island of Majorque and we were really happy about that. When we found your company we thought that it will be perfect for us thanks to your low prices and your "philosophy as a company and new concept of car hire" as it is mentioned on your web site.

At our arrival, everything was fine and we were really happy except the fact that your team really wanted us to pay an extra fee of 100 euros for an additionnal car insurance. Let's be clear again : we are STUDENTS. We are not working and we can't afford extra fees and paying 35 + 40 + 50 = 125 euros for a 5 days car rental was clearly enough. We don't have an unlimited budget. Plus, we knew that we will be very careful with the car and that we will pay attention to EVERY SINGLE DETAIL and that's what we did. We were aware of EVERYTHING and by saying that I mean that we parked only in paid parking, making sure that we were not too close from the other cars and we also paid extreme attention to the car when we were driving. It is clear that sometimes even when you pay attention you can damage the car and that is what happened when we were driving, a little rock made two tiny marks on the front handle of the car.

When we went back to return the car we were first amused by the carelessness of your team when they had to examine the car of the man waiting before us and it is only after that we understood that your team didn't care of the car because the man took the 100 EUROS insurance. But when your co-worker came to examine our car she clearly paid A LOT more attention. She made us wait for 20 minutes without any explanations and then came back to us to show the "damages" of our car and I said "yes, we took a little rock while driving but I think this is not too big as you can see". Then she left us alone again 20 minutes to show the picture at other co-workers and we felt like she was really trying to trap us and treating us like fools. When she finally came back she said that our caution of 700 euros was charged without explaining us that obviously we won't pay 700 euros for two tiny little marks like that but she left us after shouting on us saying that we knew that any damages will be paid.

Now here we are having to pay 80 EUROS for these two tiny little marks on the handle of the car : you can see it on the picture I joined with the email. Being young and strangers doesn't mean that we are STUPID. Stop treating people like IDIOTS and stop STEALING the money of HONEST PEOPLE. We even cleaned the interior of the car before the return because there was sand on it!!!! We know that two tiny marks like that won't cost to your company 80 EUROS and even changing the handle of the car's door costs at most 50 EUROS. Plus, When I asked how much will it costs to pay for the damages we made your team was unable to tell me a price range : "100% transparency, simplicity and clear conditions" you said huh ? What you are doing is UNACCEPTABLE. If your company can't provide benefits with low prices then don't attract people with very attractive prices like you are doing.

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3. Re: Arnaque Location de voiture avec Wiber à Alicante

It is a company of thieves: they kept our pledge yesterday accusing to us of damage that we did not talk and refusing stubbornly to free us a current situation signed from them. We had to leave to take our plane, they can add all that they want now; we have no proof ..

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