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Rechercher - anyone heard of them

1 post - anyone heard of them

Looking at booking on the baove site - anyone ever used them before? Always a concern when using a new sight. Tnks a lot

San Francisco
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1. Re: - anyone heard of them

We have a place in Praiano booked for a week in September with the same company and would also be interested in hearing opinions. There does not seem to be much in the way of reviews on the web for this company.

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2. Re: - anyone heard of them

Sorry, but I'm just joining the queue here with requesting anyone who has used this website for booking a holiday rental to let us know how they got on with them! Thanks!

Londinium born and...
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3. Re: - anyone heard of them

Not used them no, but, looking at the prices they seem very expensive, even for the Amalfi coast.

Many times the same properties are advertised by many different agents and it pays to google the name of the villa and compare prices.

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4. Re: - anyone heard of them

Crap! Normal prices for the area ! Just watch out for the quality and especially for ants running about on their everyday business ....

 :-))) It remains a fact : The "tied up british" still look for Basil Fawlty and than comment on south-Italy ...weird ?!?

Basil: Well, of course it's a rat! You have rats in Spain, don't you - or did Franco have them all shot?

Galway, Ireland
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5. Re: - anyone heard of them


Just wondering how you got on with this company? i have a villa booked with them for September, but there isnt much info about them on the web

Naples, Italie
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6. Re: - anyone heard of them

well they certainly are not based on the Amalfi Coast, I can tell you that much...

7. Re: - anyone heard of them

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