Auto-europe - BEWARE


Hidden in the middle of a paragraph, somewhere in the middle of the 4th page you can find this sentence :

"Auto Europe does not refund any unused days if the customer does not show up, shows up over 2 hours late without contacting Auto Europe or returns the vehicle early."

I somehow understood that if I was giving it back earlier that annouced i wouldn't get a refund for the unused time (last day/s).

In the same way, i understood that if i would arrive late, I would get any money back the unused time (1st day/s).

But actually if you re late, no car is held (it is actually rented to somebody else), there s no possibility of to get a replacement car (even if you rented for a whole week).

And as they say: "you failed" to be on time and the company "did not fail to call you" and "did not fail to give away" the car to another client.

So as advice, don't book through auto-europe or at least spend some time reading carefully the terms and conditions, there might be more traps hidden.