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reveillon 2008 - Copacabana

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reveillon 2008 - Copacabana

I couldn’t be more disappointed with the Copacabana beach Christmas package offered by the “Bar Luiz” kiosk on New Year’s Eve. Everything seemed wonderful on the paper we were shown before we bought the tickets, so much so that I convinced a Belgian friend of mine to pay the 368 reais it cost and come to spend the last night of the year with me there.

Chaos and disorganisation started right from the very beginning: overbooking, hopeless waiters and service, scarce food for all the people there, etc. They took over our table the minute we got up to try to get some food from to the so called “free buffet”, and we practically had to fight to find another one. At the time the buffet was supposed to get started (22:30) nothing appeared; one hour later, we were given a lonely piece of turkey, with some boiled rice added half an hour after that, and later still a bit of green salad without any dressing. Midnight came, and where was that promised champagne? Just two seconds before midnight we were given a sip, again having to fight for some cups, and of the miserable plastic kind at that!

I’m not lying: I WAS ASHAMED of being a Brazilian and of having made my friend pay that amount of money for a nonexistent service and a meagre champagne dinner.

What will she tell when people ask her about the so famous Rio Réveillon? I hope you can imagine the negative propaganda and badmouthing we are spreading and we will spread for all candid tourists and visitors not to fall into the Réveillon in Copacabana trap.

If you think I might exaggerate you can make a survey among the people who were there, everyone was complaining, but the manager seemed to find it all very funny: I have photographs to prove it if you want them. I will continue protesting and I will make my complaints reach whoever is the ultimate responsible for this fiasco, for we were not fooled: the fireworks were free, so our 368 reais were used to pay for some small palm trees, some beers when we managed to get hold of a waiter we could beg a drink from, and to pay some security people who strutted around the place… WHAT A SHAME!!!

I WANT TO EXPRESS MY CONDOLENCES FOR THE LACK OF ORGANIZATION, and please count on us for its badmouthing all around the world to warn people off it. Thank god Rio is a beautiful city with many things to offer, most of them for free!


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