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“Séjour à Tioman”

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Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort
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“Séjour à Tioman”
Avis écrit le 20 août 2008
Ceci est la traduction d'un avis rédigé en anglais. Voir l'original

Après avoir lu tous les commentaires publiés sur TripAdvisor, nous nous sommes décidés pour cet hôtel. Nous sommes passés par l'agence Discovery Tours qui se trouve à Far East Plaza. Je n'ai rien à redire sur le prix, un peu plus de 150$ de Singapour pour le transport, la chambre et la plupart des repas. Le transport : la voiture était luxueuse, avec des sièges en cuir. Il a fallu un peu plus d'une heure pour atteindre le terminal du ferry, en faisant une pause pipi dans un vieux café.

Les chambres : Nous y avons passé deux nuits. Ne vous attendez pas à des chambres fantastiques, les toilettes de celle dans laquelle nous étions avaient des canalisations qui fuyaient et une douche qui ne fonctionnait pas correctement. Dans l'ensemble, la propreté est correcte. Le snorkling : mettez-vous d'accord avec le club de snorkling pour aller à Tulai Beach (PasirPanjang), cela vous coûtera environ 30 à 50 dollars malais de plus pour le hors-bord. Nous avons loupé ça.

Nous avons mis à peu près une demi-heure pour aller au Marine Conservation Park pour faire du snorkling au milieu des poissons. Prenez du pain dans les magasins situés près du ferry, pour nourrir les poissons. Ils vous conduiront à un autre "spot" pour voir du corail. Laissez-y encore du pain.

Explorer l'île : derrière le complexe se trouve une falaise. Allez-y avant 18 heures, quand le ciel commence à s'assombrir. Le spa : Réservez quand vous arrivez, il a l'air très prisé. Prenez un massage complet à environ 100$ malais. Demandez au masseur d'appuyer un peu plus fort si vous avez besoin de crier un petit peu. Dans l'ensemble, ils travaillent bien.

Karaoké : le moniteur de snorkling s'occupe aussi au karaoké, à mi-temps. Demandez lui le micro, sinon il vous ignore et chante ses chansons. Il y a un bon choix de chansons mandarines, peu de morceaux en anglais.

Les repas : Ils proposent un buffet pour le dîner. C'est un banquet correct, pas exceptionnel, mais correct. Le barbecue que nous nous sommes payé pour dîner était assez décevant, car tous les plats avaient le même goût, étant faits à base de la même pâte pimentée qu'ils ont coutume d'utiliser. Prenez-vous des bières dans les épiceries près de la jetée et allez vous détendre sur la plage. C'est bien moins cher, 10$ malais les 3 canettes. Prenez-vous un Ramli burger vers 20 heures ou plus tard.

Utile ?
1 Merci JasLoo
Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de TripAdvisor et non de TripAdvisor LLC.
PayaBeachResort, Owner de Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort, a répondu à cet avis, 21 février 2014
Google Traduire en français
We have had a wonderful 2013 and have been blessed beyond what we could anticipate or imagine! We are deeply thankful and honoured by the wonderful guests we have been blessed with. As much as we try to bless our guests by providing good comfortable and clean accommodation, excellent food and informative, fun and most importantly safe Activities, we unwittingly find that we are in turn blessed more. Having received more blessings, we are able to bless our other guests even more and it has really been a wonderful experience for us in 2013. We look forward to having the honour and privilege of being hosts again to so many of our repeat guests; many of whom have become personal friends whom we, the owners, catch up with for lunch or coffee.
We aim to make our resort a value for money and affordable 3 star beach front resort for guests to enjoy the abundant blessings of nature around us. We have had a new Management Team since October 2013. We appointed a professional hotelier of more than 20 years as Resident Executive Director. He is assisted by another professional hotelier who took up appointment as Resident Resort Manager. This new management team believes in actually getting things done and not solely use diplomacy to solve guest issues. They have a good track record of being able to effectively manage and lead a staff of workers. Most importantly, they are also able to administrate well which improves effective communication between staff, departments and management. They take good and authentic feedback seriously and are mature and secure enough to realise that they are not perfect. They are also professional and experience enough not to be hackled by anonymous reckless and wild reviews written out of spite, because we have a policy or not giving in to blackmail from opportunistic travellers who hide behind the veil of a pseudonym, in unregulated internet travel review websites that act more like spam without any credibility and who do nothing to verify the accuracy of whatever they publish. Worse, many such internet review websites are hesitant to publish our replies of fact for fear that it would dilute the sensationalist effect brought about by wild reckless fictional writings. Our New Senior Managers have the authority and mandate to make real rectifications be it the physical structure or our operations or administrative systems. There is no need for them to adopt the proverbial mindless lip service of "humbly apologising" for the sake of convenient public relations just for a fleeting moment. While having much to unscramble since mid Oct 2013, they have been able to establish their SOP's since mid Jan 2014. We have every confidence that guests in 2014 will most certainly reap the benefits of their professional management and leadership of the resort's staff.
As we are fair and reasonable employers, we abide strictly by the Labour Laws of Malaysia. The Labour Laws of Malaysia require reasonable proof of any infringement of Laws or underperformance of standards by all staff working in Malaysia. In accordance to legal advise, we wish to state that none of our staff's remuneration or employment terms are affected, positively or negatively, by reviews written on unregulated and unauthorised internet travel reviews, websites or forums as long as authors write under a pseudonym. As a result of the Law, we purpose not to react or tweak our splendid facilities or efficient operations by reviews written here as this is not our official feedback channel. Instead, we are indeed deeply grateful to all those who write reviews here on tripadvisor about our excellent and wonderful resort, as all of you, by your individual reviews, have blessed us with the wonderful privilege of presenting the facts and truth to all the many other readers of reviews here on tripadvisor. By your own hand, you have allowed us to tell everybody how wonderful our resort's facilities and services actually are. For this honour and privilege, we are deeply grateful for your blessing.
Comments about Food or Buffet
Our objective is to make ourselves not only a value for money 3 Star Beach Resort, we aim to make our hospitality and gastronomic experience affordable to as many as possible so that we can share the blessings of nature that we have been endowed with. Given the purchasing power of the Malaysians and the pricing by our competitors, we price ourselves extremely competitively by international standards offering excellent value for money with our our Buffet Lunch at USD 5.50 per head and our Buffet Dinner at USD 9.50 per head. Our main restaurant is opened from 6.30am to 10pm daily.
Breakfast Buffet
Our breakfast is COMPLIMENTARY for BONA FIDE REGISTERED paying room guests. We have received real compliments from many of our blessed guests as they go for multiple helpings, sometimes averaging 4 helpings per guest. Serving our delicious and excellent ample offers of breakfast BETWEEN 6.30AM AND 10am DAILY, our kitchen crew are now convinced that that is not a problem for them and instead of complaining that they have to prepare more, they now realize that these kind and real compliments are better than polite verbal ones that may mean nothing but polite pleasantry. They now feel HIGHLY BLESSED AND DEEPLY ENCOURAGED to provide plenty of these delicious and delectable breakfast offerings. Many of our wise and health conscious guests have told us that our AMPLE and DELICIOUS COMPLIMENTARY BREAKFAST for BONA FIDE PAYING AND REGISTERED GUESTS provide more than enough for them to enjoy the Activities in the Sun till late afternoon where they then have some light refreshing salads or sandwiches before a exotic and sumptuous gastronomic adventure in at our Beach Club and Grill in the evenings. For most times in the year, we serve a breakfast buffet which includes an array of different types of fresh breads, cakes and danish from our bakery, healthy cereals with a choice of chilled or table milk, fresh tropical fruits, choice of salads from our salad bar, sausages, scrambled eggs, two different local Malaysian breakfast delights, warm baked beans, hash browns, Beef bacon, Chicken Ham and an "Action Station" that serves Pancakes or Roti Chanai and eggs cooked to your preference. If any particular guest finds this spread too simple and plain for them, as our breakfast buffet is complimentary, they may, if they so wish, purchase breakfast from other shops and restaurants entirely at their own expense. No refunds will however be made for breakfast not consumed as it is complementary to our guests to start with.
Lunch Buffet
For the USD 5.50 per head all you can eat lunch buffet, we have themed buffet lunches that change each day. The themed buffet lunch which range from Asian Chicken Rice, South Indian, Local Malaysian to Italian themed buffet lunches all include Healthy Garden Salads and Tropical Fresh Fruit for dessert.
Dinner Buffet
For our Dinner Buffet priced at USD 9.50, we offer an "Action Station" offering local Malaysian Dishes and Western Roasts on alternative days. Bread is from our own bakery while assorted western and local desserts are from our very own dessert kitchen. All you can eat Roasts served daily from our Carvery include Leg of Spring Lamb, Prime Beef Sirloin, Chicken etc. Hot foods includes 3 western dishes and 4 Asian dishes. Fresh Tropical Fruits, Coffee and Tea are standard.
Beach Bar and Grill (A-La-Carte)
If you find our humble lunch and dinner buffet a little too austere for you, you are most welcome to order fresh seafood like lobsters, crabs, fish from our grill. Open daily from 6pm to 1am, you have the option of choosing your particular choice of live fish, lobster and crab and you may choose how you would like to have it prepared specifically for you. Where possible, we can prepare the live seafood Japanese Sashimi style, Lobster Thermidor, Steamed Chinese Style, Seafood with a fruit salad or our specialty where we take the live seafood and grill it in salted eggs and our special blend of herbs and spices. This is a favourite amongst many of our regular guests.
Asian and Western Kitchen (A-la- Carte)
We have delectable Chinese dishes from our a-la-carte menu or if you wish, we have a wonderful Western Kitchen which prepares Prime Beef Ribs, Sirloin Steaks, T-bone Steaks, Burgers, Chicken Chops and even healthy Seafood Platter for two or the age old favourite, the Paya Beach Resort Fish and Chips with the catch of the day coated in our own secret batter and fried to a crisp golden brown served on a bed of fries accompanied by the traditional salt and vinegar if you so wish.
Licensed Open Kitchen
We have the only Beach Front Resort with an Open Kitchen on Tioman Island. Our kitchens are certified by Kesihatan Sepanjang Hayat Kualiti Sepanjang Masa, Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Pahang. We have invested in this Open Kitchen and located it right in the centre of the resort near the check in so that all guests are encourage to view how their food is prepared. Our chefs are certified by the Health Authorities of Malaysia and all have attended food hygiene and handling courses conducted by the Government of Malaysia. Our Kitchen has been rated as Clean and Hygienic by the Health Authorities of Malaysia.
We thank you indeed for your review as you have provided us the opportunity to introduce and inform guests of our effort and many dishes we have in presenting an affordable and value for money gastronomic experience to all our guests. You may follow the latest events and get a good feel of the culture of Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort on our Facebook page.

Comments about Activities or our Beach.
Our objective is to make ourselves not only a value for money 3 Star Beach Resort, we aim to make our hospitality experience affordable to as many as possible so that we can share the blessings of nature that we have been endowed with.
Rental for snorkeling equipment are priced at value for money and affordable rates. Our masks and snorkels are for rent at USD 2.20 per day, Life Jackets at USD 2.55 per day and flippers at USD 2.20 per day with each day defined to be the period between 8am and 8pm on the same calendar day.
Our waters are warm, ranging between 26-29 degrees Celsius, turbidity low with currents manageable (do check with our Activity Desk Guides for local and actual information on the day you snorkel). Tioman Island is a granite island. We have a nice beach which is cleaned twice a day of debris left behind by irresponsible people. We never want to interfere with nature and hence our beach is home to many beautiful and interesting wildlife which can been seen during low tide. Due to a flattish seabed, the intertidal zone is quite large so you would not find coral life for the first 50metres from the beach. Beautiful and colourful coral thrive after that and are found from the rock structure right in front of the resort and to the island (Tomok Island) on the right of the resort. The Rocky structure right in front of the resort is home to a family of black tip reef sharks who are accustomed to visits from our many guests. We have put up pictures of beautiful colourful fishes and corals in Tripadvisor for guests to view. Hawkbill turtles, Lizard Fish, Trumpet fish, Damsel fish, Wrasse, Parrot Fishes are aplenty and if one is quiet and respectful of nature, available in full visual splendor for our guests. There are Butterfly Fish, Batfish, Fairy Basslets, and the occasional moray eels. Blue spotted rays and even eagle rays are sometimes seen in the area between the rock feature in front of our Deluxe Chalets and Tomok Island. Anemone Clown Fish are the delight of many of our younger guests. There is a platform which we have put up for our guests to rest while snorkeling. In the vicinity of that platform, Shovelnose Rays or Raysharks have been photographed. Sea snakes like , Sea Crates, Banded Sea snakes, Coral snakes are sometimes spotted too.
The Tropical Rainforest neighbouring our resort is home to many animals that are endemic to Pulau Tioman like the Tioman Blind Walking Catfish. Macaque Monkeys, Bats, Flying Squirrels, Monitor Lizards, are all native and found in the Tropical Rainforest. Beautiful Birds of Paradise, Sunbirds, Water Hens, Hummingbirds, Ospreys, King Fishes, White bellied Sea Eagles and many beautiful butterflies like Common Blue Butterflies, Swallowtail Butterflies are abundantly available for visual splendor. Snakes like the Reticulated Python, Sunbeam Snake, Grass snakes, Palm Vipers, Paradise Tree Snakes, Cobras, Vine Snakes, Oriental Whip snakes and Dog fish Water Snakes are some species of snakes that may be spotted for the keen eyed.
Beautiful trees like the Banyan Tree, Willow Tree, many species of palm trees like the Giant Palm, Natural fruit trees like the Custard Apple Tree, Durian Tree and Mango tree are all abundantly available for those who are keen naturalist. Different species of ferns like the Jungle Fern, Peacock Fern, Dragon Scale Fern, Leather Fern and many different fungi with prominent meristems are found in the Tropical Rainforest right at the edge of the resort. Herbs and plants like the Tapioca plant, Ginger Plant, Chilli plant, Curry plant and Pigeon
Orchids are found in this beautiful Rainforest.
. There is a movie room where we show a complementary movie for our guests. We have free WIFI available for our guests at our food outlets. If you are in a group, you may have complimentary use of our multipurpose room (subject to availability) but a charge for Coffee and Tea on a per head basis is payable. Minimum number is 40 persons. Complimentary Indoor Board games like scrabble, Uno etc are also available for our guests. Beach mats are available for rent as these are so much more comfortable instead of using your bath towel on the sand. Ball games like volleyball are also complimentary.
Kindly contact our life guard certified guides for tours to view these blessings of nature found in and around Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort. You may follow the latest events and get a good feel of the culture of Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort on our Facebook page. We thank you very much indeed for your review as you have provided us the opportunity to inform all readers and guests of the wonderful wildlife and beach we have been blessed with.
For the sake of the Tripadvisor reviewer and reader, we have included more information about our Activity Packages.
Marine Excursions and Activities Price List
Renggis Island & Marine Park Snorkeling - Minimum 6 persons
(By Bumboat) RM 50 / person
- Minimum 6 persons
(By Speedboat) RM 60 / person
Coral Island Snorkeling
(includes Teluk Genting, Pasir Panjang Beach, Salang Village, Marine Park & Renggis Island) - Minimum 12 persons
(By Bumboat) RM 70 / person
- Minimum 6 persons
(By Speedboat) RM 110 / person
Round Island Snorkeling
(includes Mukut waterfall, Juara Village, Marine Park & Renggis Island) - Minimum 6 persons
(By Speedboat) RM 120 / person
Kampong Asah Waterfall Exploration
(The Mystical Bali Hai) - Minimum 6 persons
(By Bumboat) RM 50 / person
- Minimum 6 persons
(By Speedboat) RM 60 / person
Half Day Fishing Trip - Minimum 4 persons RM 70 / person
Full Day Fishing Trip - Minimum 4 persons RM 140 / person
Trekking Trip
Choose from 3 routes
1: Mother Willow Trail
2: Turtle Sanctuary Expedition
3: Kampong Walk - Minimum 4 persons RM 50 / person
Night Jungle Trekking - Minimum 6 persons RM 100 / person
Snorkeling Lesson - 5pm daily at the pool & Tomok Island Free of Charge
Beach Volleyball / Football - 1700 hrs to 1900 hrs Free of Charge
* Above rates are excluding equipment
Mask/Snorkel (RM15 per day), Fins (RM15 per day) and Life Jackets (RM7 per day) can be rented from our Activity Desk
* All Price quoted are subject to change without notice
* All Activities are subject to weather, sea considerations
* The Management reserves the right to cancel any of the activities without prior notice and for whatsoever reason

For the sake of the Tripdvisor reviewer and reader, we have a fully licenced SPA. Combining the art of natural healing with the warm hospitality of the islands, Paya Tropical Holistic Spa offers a tranquil place of rest and renewal. Our philiosphy is one of prevention; moving away from a curative approach to promoting a lifestyle where beauty and good health come naturally. There are various spa treatments available including :

Paya Classic Massage
1 hour | RM128
A soothing aromatherapy massage to relieve stress, tension and fatigue. It improves blood circulation and flexibility while removing toxins, repairs worn tissues and stimulates the body's nerve endings.

Six types of essential oils used to create the signature Paya aromatherapy blend. They are Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood, Lemongrass, Clove and Peppermint.

Paya Four Hand Massage
1 hour | RM268
Experience a luxurious massage by two of our most experienced therapists. A synchronised performance over your whole body balanced with our signature Paya aromatherapy blend. Highly recommended.

Warm Stone Massage
1.5 hrs | RM168
The treatment begins with an aromatherapy massage that culminates in having warm river stones placed over your body’s acupressure points to release retained heat from your body, leaving skin visibly smooth. A final massage completes the session, revitalising you.

Traditional Herbal Heat Massage
1.5 hrs | RM188
This age-old treatment begins with an hour-long session aromatherapy massage. A steamed poulitce of fresh Kaffir lime leaves, turmeric, ginger and lemongrass cleanses the body of excess gas and eases sore muscules, bruises, inflammation and back pain by opening pores and providing medicinal heat to induce relaxation.

Maternity Massage
1 hour | RM155
A special massage appropriate for any stage of pregnancy. Recommended to improve blood circulation, reduce hip and back pain, and help relieve leg cramps, swollen ankles and headaches.

Olive oil is an available substitute for those who may have sensitivity to our aromatherapy blend. Please inform us about any health problems, so we may customize the treatment to your needs.

Diver's Divine Massage
40 mins | RM100
A forty-minute sports massage using therapeutic massage oil and specially designed for divers. Improves flexibility and promotes relaxation and tranquility before or after a day of diving.

Classical Massage Class
3 hrs per day for 3 days | RM999
Learn the art of the healing touch in a three-day class conducted by our most experienced trainers. You'll receive step-by-step instruction in ancient techniques to augment health, beauty and youth as well as insights into the origins of this ancient art that lives on today.

Kindly contact us to schedule a course to your convenience.

Bamboo Massage
1 hr | RM150
For centuries, bamboo was used as a remedy to help ease tired muscles after a long day's work and signified good luck, long life, friendship and harmony. This invigorating massage helps loosen tight muscles and reduce tension, stress and anxiety. It also stimulates blood circulation to increase oxygen flow and promote vitality.

Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage
30 mins | RM78
A soothing massage that focuses on releasing the tension from the neck and shoulders. Perfect for easing the stress from working long hours and relaxing the muscles to ease stiffness and promote good posture.

Foot Massage
30 mins | RM68
A luxuriously relaxing massage using oils and gentle gliding strokes to ease tired foot muscles leaving your feet feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Eye Area Massage & Mask
30 mins | RM66
A rejuvenating treatment to relieve and alleviate dark circles, fine lines and puffiness around the eyes. The result is visibly younger, smoother and vibrant-looking skin. Highly recommended.

Naturopathy Facial
1 hour | RM100
A revitalising treatment using natural products and herbs to deep cleanse and exfoliate the face. A selection of masks are offered to match your skin complexion and texture including Mud, Yogurt, Cucumber, Aloe Vera and Soya Bean.

Herbal Body Scrub, Wrap & Bath
1.5 hrs | RM188
Paya Holistic Spa's exclusive body treatment exfoliates dead skin cells, reduces cellulite and tones your skin. Using only the freshest herbs and organic products, a body-polishing wrap leaves your skin moisturised and feeling silky-soft.

Foot Pampering
30 mins | RM66
Pamper your feet with an invigorating cleaning and softening treatment using natural loofahs and sea salt followed by a special foot mask made from mung bean paste to moisturise and leave your feet refreshed and revitalised.

Ayurvedic Scalp Massage & Hair Treatment
1 hour | RM100
Give your hair that sleek, shiny texture Asian women are renowned for. A luxuriously relaxing scalp massage using aromatic coconut oils followed by a natural hair mask breathes new life to your hair, rejuvenating every strand from root to tip.

For the sake of the Tripadvisor reader, we also have a PADI Resort Dive Centre. Paya Diver’s Cove With our large range of equipment, we offer both shore and boat dives to some of Tioman’s best dive sites. An abundant growth of corals along with turtles, reef sharks, large moray eels, school of jacks and barracudas can be found everywhere. Dive courses are also available for the first timers to the pros.
Our Dive Centre offers a range of PADI Dive Courses. To provide information to the Tripadvisor reader, we have the following :

Dive Programmes
(include equipment rental) Bubblemaker RM 100
Discover Scuba RM 100
Discover Scuba Diving RM 150
Refresher Programme RM 140
Dive Courses Open Water Diver (Basic) RM 800*
Advance Open Water Diver (exclude equipment rental of RM100) RM 600*
Emergency First Aid Response RM 350*
Rescue Diver (exclude equipment rental of RM100) RM 700**
Divemaster Upon Request
Leisure Dives
(exclude equipment rental) Single Boat Dive RM 75
Single Boat Night Dive RM 105
Shore Shore Dive RM 40
Shore Shore Night Dive RM 75
Leisure Dives Packages Two Boat Dives (include equipment rental) RM 200
Equipment Rental
(per day) Buoyancy Compensator RM 35
Regulator RM 35
Wetsuit RM 25
Mask & Snorkel RM 8
Fins RM 7
Torchlight (Small) RM 25
Torchlight (Medium) RM 30
Dive Computer RM 40
Equipment Package rental (BCD & Regulator & Wetsuit) RM 80
*additional RM220 required for the purchase of PADI Course materials
**additional RM240 required for the purchase of PADI Course materials

Our Dive Centre is the only Dive Operator that is allowed to use our pool for novice scuba divers who are undergoing PADI Scuba Dive Courses. It is a safety requirement of PADI that any student Scuba Diver be allowed to experience breathing underwater using Scuba Diving Equipment and learn Scuba Diving Safety Skills in a safe confined water environment not subjected to currents, wave surges and allows the student to stand up with the head above water during the course.

Comments about our Room or General Area.
Rooms - New Management
Pest Control of the Whole Resort and Rooms.
We engage a professional pest controller who advises us on best practices to eliminate ecological systems conducive for pests to thrive and breed. They are appointed for a tidy sum so their professional advice is taken very seriously. All their advice is incorporated into our SOP's for all our departments. Staff who do not adhere strictly to the SOP are dealt with fairly, equitably and strictly by the provisions of the Labour Laws of Malaysia. In addition to best practices, the Pest Controllers also do regular bi-monthly maintenance. They come and lay poisons and chemical and physical bulwarks to pests. We have a written understanding with our professional Pest Controller that they are professionally liable for any loss of reputation suffered, provided that is good and reasonable proof of the presence of pests, if pests continue to interfere with the peace and enjoyment of our guests.
Power Blackouts From National Power Supplier - Emergency Lighting and Electrical Generator Sets
There are frequent blackouts on Tioman Island due to a very erratic and unpredictable National Power Supply Company. For the sake of our guests, the resort has invested more than MYR 500,000 in electrical power Generator sets located onsite at the resort. The Generator sets are able to supply enough power for all rooms and facilities at the resort. Everytime there is a blackout, our Generator sets which are professionally serviced and maintained, our maintenance team, is part of their Standard Operations Procedure, ensure that the Generator Sets take over the task of providing electrical power to all rooms and facilities and outlets at the resort. In addition to that, there is emergency lighting installed all over the resort and in the rooms so that guests are not caught in sudden darkness. Rest assured, despite the many and frequent power outages on Tioman Island, Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort has invested heavily in capital, maintenance and spares no effort in ensuring that water and power is available to guests despite the frequent blackouts from the main National Power Supplier.
Nature Friendly Practices
As Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort is keenly aware of the need to be friendly and protect nature, we strongly encourage our guests to save electricity wastage. To show our part in this endeavour, we have invested heavily in ecologically friendly room key lock system which disables power supply to the whole room when the card key is taken out of the card key socket in the room. Each room has a specific computer generated random security code and unless the socket verifies and tallies the code set by our front desk upon guest check-in, the door will not be unlocked and power will also not be supplied to the room. No other replacement card can be used unless it has been verified by our front desk personnel as the door and the socket must tally with the computer generated random code set by our front desk. If any guest wishes to have a second card key, we charge MYR 20 per room per day for the second key. This is done to protect our environment and we would appeal to all our guests to support this endeavour of ours.
All guest rooms are serviced daily but we would encourage guests to decide for themselves if they wish to be part of the global effort by responsible people to be friendly and protect our environment. If our guests wish to be part of this responsible group of people, we will support your gracious, responsible and wise decision by not changing towels unless they are left on the floor in the bath area.
A Brief Description of Rooms
We have 6 room categories each catering to guests with different disposal income. At the most basic, we have less than 20 beds at our Standard Lodge. Each single sized bed costs USD 12.60 per night including breakfast. There are 4 beds in each Standard Lodge Room and each room is airconditioned with ensuite hot water showers and toilet. Next category up is the Standard Chalets which sleep 4 adults comfortably. Appointed with 1 Queen sized double bed and 2 singles, each airconditioned chalet has an ensuite hot water shower room and toilet. The Superior Sea Facing rooms are the next category up from the Standard Chalets. These sleep 3 adults with one adult having to sleep on a pull out single sofa bed. There is a Queen sized double bed which sleeps two comfortably. Again, these airconditioned rooms come with ensuite hot water showers and toilets. The Superior Beach Front rooms are airconditioned and each come with ensuite hotwater showers and toilet. Each Superior Beach Front room is located right at the edge of the beach and is appointed with two queen sized double beds which sleep 4 adults comfortably. Next up are the Deluxe Chalets. Again located right at the edge of the beach, these are a favourite with families. The fullly airconditioned chalets come with one master bedroom with ensuite open air shower and toilet. The master bedroom has a European King sized double bed sleeping two adults very comfortably. This is also good for couples with a young child who is used to cohabitate with parents during sleeping times. There is a single pull out sofa bed in the hall which leads to the balcony which gives a wonderful view of the sea. There is a bath room with bath and toilet attached to the hall. This area can sleep one adult only. There is also a cozy attic bedroom which sleeps two adults comfortably on a queen sized double bed. The deluxe chalets sleeps 5 adults comfortably. The fully airconditioned Deluxe Suites are most luxuriously appointed with an open air hot water shower, hot water jacuzzi and toilet attached to the master bedroom. All these open air jacuzzi and showers allow a wonderful view of the ocean. The master bedroom again is appointed with another balcony which gives a wonderful view of the forest and Mount Kajang. There is a European King sized double bed which sleeps two adults very comfortably. This is also good for couples with a young child who is used to cohabitate with parents during sleeping times. The hall is appointed with a single sofa pull out bed and a queen sized sofa bed which sleeps 3 adults comfortably. There is a separate ensuite hot water shower and toilet to the Hall of the Deluxe Suite. The Deluxe Chalets and Suites come with a mini fridge. If guests of other room catergories wish to have a mini fridge in the room, a charge of USD 8 per day. Deluxe Suites and Deluxe Chalets come with complimentary bottled water which are replaced daily.
Except for the standard lodge, all our rooms come with a TV with 4 channels available namely, Discovery, ESPN, HBO and CNN. All rooms except for the Standard Lodge come with complimentary coffee and tea making facilities and set. All rooms including the standard lodge come with mini pantry with hot water kettle. We urge all our guests to boil their water before drinking for hygiene reasons as that is just plain common sense.
Movie Room, Wifi and Multi-purpose Hall for Guests
There is a fully air-conditioned movie room where we show a complementary movie for our guests. We have free WIFI available for our guests at our food outlets. If you are in a group, you may have complimentary use of our multipurpose room (subject to availability) but a charge for Coffee and Tea on a per head basis is payable. Minimum number is 40 persons.
All Rooms Serviced Daily and Brief Description of Room Service SOP
All Rooms are serviced everyday and we will provide fresh towels and linen during the service. If you feel that you want to do your part in helping the environment, we applaud and encourage your thoughtful and considerate intentions. You may inform us that you do not wish for your linen or towels to be replaced. We will however still service your room. Our linen and towels are no more than 6 months old and we replace them regularly. Strict hygiene is observed and all the linen and towels are washed in antibacterial solution after they are soaked in dilute chlorine for at least 15 minutes. All linen and towels are then machine dried at with the temperature set at 75 degrees Celsius. Your bath rooms and toilets are washed with antibacterial solution and when there is a change in guests, all the toilets, wash basins, WC, Showers, baths and Jacuzzi are treated with chlorine to prevent cross infections between guests.
Swimming Pool and Pool Deck
The well sized swimming pool in our resort is controlled by an automatic chlorinizer. In addition to that , the pool is serviced everyday. The chlorine reservoir is checked and the water condition for pH, residual chlorine is analysed each day. Part of the servicing includes clearing the water of debris through vacuuming. Our water is not green but blue. The pool deck is serviced and cleaned each day. Our pool is not an Olympic (50 meters) sized swimming pool with 8 lanes across. It is not meant for competitive swimming training hence the lack of need for such a pool. We do not hold any professional or amatuer swimming competitions at our pool. Most of our guests do not come to this Tropical Island Resort for competitive swimming training. The swimming pool is meant for our guests to get familiarized with the snorkeling equipment and for our Scuba Diving Centre to conduct PADI accredited Scuba Diving Courses in a safe confined water environment where the students are able to stand up with their heads above the water should they be uncomfortable at any time during the Snorkeling or Scuba Diving Lessons. Our Activity Guides are all Life Guard certified and trained and our Scuba Diving Centre has PADI certified and licensed Scuba Diving Instructors and Dive Masters. A large olympic sized swimming pool would be a misallocation of land and resources resulting in inefficient pricing of services and rooms for our guests. Professional cost benefit analysis has led to intelligent and efficient allocation of our resources. This is how we have arrived at a a pool of this size for our number of guests and for the intended purpose. For guests who would like to lie at the poolside, we suggest you use our greatest asset - the beach and enjoy the sun, ocean air at these beautiful natural surroundings. Our guests take the trouble to come to an exclusive Tropical Island Resort not the lie by the pool side which can be done anywhere in the cities or towns. Logically most of our guests come to enjoy the sea and beach. While there are some lounges at the pool deck, we cater more of those who would lounge on the beach. Beach Towels are available for rent from our Activity Centre.
We thank you indeed for your review and for the opportunity to inform our guests of the facilities available for them. You may follow the latest events and get a good feel of the culture of Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort on our Facebook page.
New Management
Resort Manager and Staff
Our Front desk is staffed by professional well trained staff who speak more than one Language each. All are fluent in written and spoken English and one other. The Front Desk is the core of the resort operations as that is the onsite guest feedback and communications centre. To make your stay more enjoyable and pleasant, we strongly encourage you to approach our front desk staff if you have any enquiries or feedback for us. You may also ask to speak to me, the Resort Manager and I will be there to speak to you personally within a few minutes as I am always contactable by walkie talkie. You may make your reservations for BBQ upgrade and Spa Sessions at our Front Desk.
Professional Security Service from Professional Security Vendor
For the well being and peace of mind for all our guests. we have a professional security company manning all aspects of security at our resort. We also provide security deposit boxes for all our bona fide paying guests. We strongly encourage all our guests to use this complimentary service available at the Front Desk. This is for the peace of mind of our guests so that you have a good holiday and not bother with writing vehement, wild and scurrilous allegations of theft here on tripadvisor and also for us to not have to write pages of explanation here at Tripadvisor why a guest lost any of their personal belongings when they could have just utilized the complimentary safe deposit box service.
Check-In and Check Out Time
Due to the wide open spread of our rooms which give our guests wide open spaces, and in consideration for the guests who are checking in, our official check-out time is 10am and the official check-in time is 2pm each day. Where we can, if there are requests for late check-outs, we will most definitely try to accommodate. Preference is always given to guests with young children or very old folk. If we are unable to accommodate a late check-out, we have an airconditioned movie room where guests can watch a movie and rest in comfort before they decide to leave. For the sake of good order, if no request for late check out is made or any request denied due to our high occupancy levels, then any guest who is inconsiderate of others and checks out after 10am and before 11am unilaterally will be charge an additional half a day's room tariff. If such a guest checks out after 11am, a full day's room tariff is levied.
Security Deposit
All guests are expected to provide a security deposit of MYR 200 per room. This is fully refundable during check-out if all bills and obligations, including property damages are legally and fully paid for.

We thank you very much indeed for your review as you have provided us the opportunity to inform readers here at Tripadvisor of our Front Desk staff, functions and professionalism. You may follow the latest events and get a good feel of the culture of Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort on our Facebook page.
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Avis écrit le 29 juillet 2007

Un vrai cauchemar. Hotel sale, personnel odieux, impossibilité de bouger (bateaux hors de prix)... à éviter à tout prix !

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  • Séjour du juillet 2007 - voyage en amoureux
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Utile ?
6 Merci isibro1
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PayaBeachResort, Owner de Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort, a répondu à cet avis, 19 octobre 2013
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We value and appreciate your feedback. Tripadvisor is not our official feedback channel. Feedback presented at Tripadvisor is not recognised because it is not authenticated nor verified. Kindly present your feedback to our official feedback channel at if you have authenticated and useful feedback which will benefit other guests and encourage us and we will duly reply. Thank you.
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Établissement : Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort
Adresse: Kampong Paya | Tioman Island, Pulau Tioman 26800, Malaisie
Location : Malaisie > Pahang > Rompin District > Pulau Tioman
Services :
Bar/lounge Plage Petit déjeuner inclus Activités pour les enfants (Enfants/Pour les familles) Restaurant Service en chambre Spa Suites Piscine Accès handicapés Navette aéroport
Style d'hôtel :
N°4 des complexes hôteliers à Pulau Tioman
N°5 des hôtels Spa à Pulau Tioman
N°8 des hôtels en bord de mer à Pulau Tioman
Fourchette de prix (par nuit): 34 € - 81 €
Catégorie d'hôtel : 3 étoile(s) — Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort 3*
Nombre de chambres: 110
Options de réservation :
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Alias :
Paya Beach Hotel Pulau Tioman
Paya Beach Pulau Tioman

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