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Villa Superview Chrysantina

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Vue d'ensemble
4 chambres
6 salles de bain
8 personnes
4 nuits minimum 
Règles de l'établissement
Convient à des enfantsFumeur
À vérifier avec le propriétaireAnimaux domestiques
2 lits 2 places1 canapé4 lits jumeaux
Salles de bains
2 toilettes séparées3 salles de bain complètes1 douche

Iasonas M
Membre depuis décembre 2014
Langues parlées : anglais, français
Taux de réponse : 25%
Délai de réponse : en 24 heures

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Dirk S
Dirk S
20 contributions
5,0 sur 5 bulles
Best choice in Mykonos
If you’re looking for a luxury villa with astonishing views on the Aegean sea at Mykonos, Villa Chrysantina is the right place! The pool environment is beautiful and everything inside and outside the Villa is tastefully decorated. It’s a relaxing place! Dimitris and his wife Giota are perfect and exceptional friendly hosts! They care about everything you need and even prepared a traditional Greek dinner for us - highly appreciated! We can highly recommend Villa Chrysantina for luxury and relaxing holidays at Mykonos!
Date de la visite août 2019
Rédigé le 11 août 2019. Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Amy A
Amy A
Virginia Beach, Virginie3 contributions
5,0 sur 5 bulles
Magnificent Villa with stunning views of the Aegean Sea and Cyclades Islands
This Villa is correctly named Superview! Stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the Cyclades Islands. Just a short 5 minute drive from the port we were glad not to be staying in the hustle and bustle of the main town area. The owner, Dimitris, was very welcoming as we were shown the property. Master bedroom upstairs by itself with that amazing view and your own private balcony. The 2 bedrooms downstairs were very comfortable with their own access to private patio with fantastic views again.The studio suite off the pool deck was just perfect for my daughter and her husband to have some privacy away from the rest of the family. The pool area was quite spacious with covered space for dining outside. With a small bar and bluetooth capable stereo to play your favorite music while enjoying the fantastic infinity pool. The Villa itself was super comfortable and we felt like we were at home. We even cooked a few meals there because it was so nice we didn't want to go into town. We highly recommend Villa Chrysantina and hope we can stay here again in the future!
Date de la visite juillet 2019
Rédigé le 6 août 2019. Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Max-Josef M
Max-Josef M
Munich, Allemagne3 contributions
5,0 sur 5 bulles
Best villa on Mykonos so far
We have been with a group of friends for 5 years in Mykonos, this was our best villa so far. Perfect AC, perfect housekeeping, very nice pool and outdoor area. And the best
Date de la visite juillet 2019
Rédigé le 15 juillet 2019. Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

3 contributions
5,0 sur 5 bulles
The view is spectacular; the hospitality is even better.
Our family of seven enjoyed our villa during our visit to Mykonos. The view of the main village in the distance is unobstructed, and we watched the sun rise to our left and followed it all day to the right. From the patio, we could see at least seven other islands in the distance and watched the cruise ships and private yachts come and go. The infinity pool makes you feel like you are in the Aegean Sea. There are plenty of lounge chairs and a bar for drinks. While we left the villa daily to visit many of the famous Mykonian beaches, we always returned for more sun on the pool deck. The villa is fully equipped with everything you need for a stay on the island. The bedrooms are clean and comfortable. The wi-fi connection was good. Dimitris, our host, was very attentive and was there to greet us when we drove from the airport in a Mercedes van that he arranged for our rental. Dimitris had Greek snacks and a bottle of wine ready for us when we walked into the villa. Our housekeeper, Aritea, was fabulous and was there to take care of our every need. Dimitris even arranged to have Aritea cook a tradtional Greek dinner for us one night, and we enjoyed every bite as we sat at the large dining table on the patio watching the sun set. The villa is a 15-minute drive to the main village, so you need to make sure that you either are brave enough to drive yourself around the island in a rental car on roads (paths) that were designed a long time ago for donkeys pulling carts or have a driver on call who can shuttle you to the beaches and the village. We highly recommend a stay at Villa Superview Chrysantina.
Date de la visite juin 2019
Rédigé le 14 juillet 2019. Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Joanne K.
Joanne K.
1 contribution
5,0 sur 5 bulles
A lovely week at villa Chrysantina!
Stayed with my friends for a one week break at the Villa Chrysantina. Truly the best comfort & standard of service. From all aspects our stay was superb. Mr Dimitris, the owner, was very helpful and accessible in a subtle way which I think is very important. Everything at the property was top notch from the moment we walked in. We had the most excellent summer experience we've ever had! The location of villa Chrysantina in Houlakia bay is stunning with sunsets and views to die for with a magnificent infinity pool. Being only 8 minutes away from the hustle of Mykonos town make it an ideal location. We found the staff very proactive, professional, and tactful in delivering outstanding service at all times. We will definitely be back!
Date de la visite septembre 2018
Rédigé le 26 février 2019. Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Narkissos N
Narkissos N
1 contribution
5,0 sur 5 bulles
Love at first sight❤
It was a luxury accommodation at the most spectacular hill in Mykonos island, facing the endless sea of the Aegean! My friends and I couldn't resist not to stay at home almost every evening to enjoy the sunset through the infinity pool..Moreover, we were impressed with the magic view at night gazing the lights of the ships that reflect in the sea...Undoubtedly, the service provided by the staff was excellent! Staying at the villa for one week at the end of August and enjoying all the amenities that this place offered us made our experience unforgettable...
Date de la visite août 2018
Rédigé le 17 février 2019. Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Washington, District de Columbia5 contributions
1,0 sur 5 bulles
Stunning but Dangerous
The villa is breathtakingly stunning. There is no question on that score. We arrived, a group of 8 to enjoy 6 days in Mykonos to celebrate a milestone birthday. Airport transfers were a breeze, the host seemed quite warm. Things took a dangerous turn when on the second night, we returned at 2am from a night on the town to a ransacked villa. Oddly, only one guest's wallet was stolen. But everyone's belongings were thrown about everywhere. We have pictures for anyone curious. Perhaps most critically, what was taken were our sense of safety and security. It is important to note that the villa does not have any alarm system or guard in the vicinity. When we contacted the owner, who much to his credit arrived in the middle of the night, he turned the blame on us saying we must not have locked up properly. At the same time, the maid who lives on property was allegedly asleep and her belongings were not touched. The owner became irate with us and his English suddenly deteriorated. We stated that we no longer felt safe and needed to stay elsewhere. The owner offered no refund. Needless to say we will never return to this villa. If you are happy to assume the risk of having your belongings ransacked and fearing for your safety, then this is the villa for you.
Date de la visite août 2018
Rédigé le 4 janvier 2019. Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.
La Piscine Mykonos
La Piscine Mykonos
Dear guest, Thank you for choosing us for your vacation. Please accept our sincere apologies once more for this unexpected issue. As you can reconfirm, it was a great discomfort for us as well as cause it was the first time that we faced something like that! However, please allow me to reply to the review and present things from my own point of view. First of all, as the you already mentioned, when this happened I rushed there in the middle of the night to help with the situation and called the police immediately. The policemen, after investigating the property, announced us that there is no proof of a robbery, meaning that no door was violated. A balcony door was found wide open and the most possible scenario according to police is that one of the guests left it open and the burglar most likely found his way in through there. It was not my intention to blame the guests for anything, but it’s most logical wherever you are staying that if you leave a door open this could give the chance (and bad luck) for a burglar to get in. Furthermore, the housekeeper found another external door unlocked the previous day. As a result, an alarm system would not even be able to work when doors are left open. For this reason, the policemen told us that we, the owners, don’t have any responsibility and they also mentioned that it is extremely suspicious that only a wallet was “stolen” (quoting the words of the police). From the first moment, 5am in the morning, I run to assist our guests with all legal procedure and I tried to help them to relax and stepped up as a guard for their remaining stay. The guests informed us that they still felt unsafe and will leave the property and stay in another hotel. Then, we provided them a refund of 2000 euros in order to continue their vacation in Mykonos without any concern (I can attach a proof if that if necessary). The guest B.W. signed a solemn declaration that he doesn’t have any other requirement. Therefore, the statement that we offered no refund is absolutely untrue. Last but not least, English is not my native language and in the middle of a stressful situation it’s only natural that my English deteriorated. I would like to lastly say that for me and my family, we treat guests staying at our villa as friends and always are there for any issue that might arise. This can reconfirm most of our previous guests and our reviews on trip advisor platform. After this event, we have increased our security measures, so that the police is always on guard to rush to be able to deal with any situation like this, which I am sure will not happen again. It was just a single, unfortunate event that has never happened before all these years in our villa. We are reallysorry for all the inconvenience and I hope that this reply clears things out also for future guests and presents the situation from our point of view. We are at your disposal for any further clarification you might need. Kind regards, Dimitris Bampalis The owner
Rédigé le 10 janvier 2019. Cette réponse est l'opinion subjective du gérant et non de Tripadvisor LLC.

1 contribution
5,0 sur 5 bulles
Personal review
Our first reaction...speechless... Passing the arch and we led to a magnificent view that simply takes your breath away. There is a spacious outdoor area including an infinity pool overlooking the aegean sea and delos island, a bbq, bar and a dining table. The house has a traditional cycladic architecture combined with modern elements. What we most liked is that every room and every angle of the house has its own unique view! It was truly beyond our expectations and this made our stay memorable! I absolutely recommend this villa and I will definitely book this place again!
Date de la visite septembre 2018
Rédigé le 17 novembre 2018. Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Greater London, Royaume-Uni5 contributions
5,0 sur 5 bulles
Most relaxing place on the whole island
Where does one begin? After our visit to Mykonos 2 years staying at this property it was a given to book this place again, and it exceeded all of our expectations for the second time! We arrived in Mykonos and were welcomed (like last time) with open arms and a bottle of wine and a beautiful basket of fresh fruits. And this was just the beginning of our exceptional stay at Villa Superview Chrysantina. Mr Dimitris and his family truly went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable and relaxing. We've never stayed in a place that is so true to the photos. It was so clean, so bright and spacious. It was literally a dream. Again everyone was so helpful and they gave us a ton of recommendations for which this time we finally had some more time to follow as we decided that one week here was far too few the last time we came. Villa Superview Chrysantina is located in Houlakia hill, which is a quiet place with many luxury properties, but not far from the nightlife in Mykonos town (about 10 minutes away). Altough we decided to spend as many of our evenings as possible at "home" to enjoy the sunset at this magnificent pool which, as already mentioned last time, gives you the feeling of swimming directly in the Aegean sea and the huge area by the pool is just the best place to enjoy your dinners. We absolutely loved this place and we will definitely be back soon for a third time!
Date de la visite août 2018
Rédigé le 21 septembre 2018. Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.

Berni M
Berni M
Cleveland, OH15 contributions
2,0 sur 5 bulles
Murky green pool!
My extended family of 8 adults arrived at the Villa Superview Chrysantina on a July Saturday. I'm sure the cost for the week reflected traveling in peak season and the acclaimed view. I also agreed to pay a 70 euro up-charge for each of 4 nights when another family member would join us (for her rollaway bed and “use of all the amenities”). The villa is nicely decorated, comfortably furnished (other than the deck off the master bedroom which has no chairs), and was well equipped for our purposes. There was a large fruit basket to welcome us and a bountiful breakfast was brought in on our first morning. There was plenty of room to park our two cars, which the owner had arranged for us to rent. Daily housekeeping, and wash as needed, was provided by the delightful Albanian housekeeper who kept the place immaculate (though my kids found it a bit intrusive). On Wednesday, when I woke up, the pool was no longer a pristine clear blue but a rather murky green color. The owner told us they were working on it and to stay out of the pool that day. The same was true on Thursday. And Friday. And the pool was still not usable when we checked out on Saturday. The owner suggested we visit the beaches instead. I paid a premium to rent a villa with a spectacular pool and shaded lounge area - I certainly could have chosen a villa with convenient access to a spectacular beach if I had wanted that. When I complained, the owner offered to waive the extra person up-charge (which I did not pay) and a deal on a future stay (which was not meaningful to our family). I thought a 280 euro adjustment on a 11,044 euro bill was wholly inadequate for the loss of use of the pool and view. I certainly would not have booked this Villa at this price if I had imagined that the pool might be unavailable for use, or had I known the view would be over murky green water rather than clear blue. We have a pool at home and although it is sometimes difficult to maintain, it is not impossible. We should not have lost use of the pool and enjoyment of the view for fully half of our stay. The owner said the water supplier provided contaminated water and he would seek legal redress. Well, that really doesn’t help me! I understand that there are sometimes maintenance issues but the owner should have borne the loss and offered us a fair adjustment.
Date de la visite juillet 2018
Rédigé le 6 août 2018. Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de Tripadvisor et non l'avis de Tripadvisor LLC. Les avis sont soumis à des vérifications de la part de Tripadvisor.
La Piscine Mykonos
La Piscine Mykonos
Dear Bernadette, We would like to thank you for sharing your experience with our Tripadvisor community. We are glad to know that you are satisfied with our property's decoration, amenities and our 24/07 service. We did our best to fulfill your expectations. We regret to know though that your feedback for the services and the facilities of our villa was obstructed by the pool's issue you had experienced due to bad quality water received from municipal supplier. Based on your review, there are a few points that I would like to comment, as I feel that they are providing a false impression about what the guests will experience with us. We are really disappointed about your comments for our spectacular pool. This is one of our highlights and almost every guest is satisfied with it and the provided amenities.Furthermore the region is characterized as one of "physical beauty " by our government. Kindly note that it was a temporary problem of the pool water quality which was caused from an unexpected external factor and this was the only time that we faced this issue. However, we recognized that it was a serious problem and we did our best to solve it immediately ! It is a fact that you did not swim in our pool for 2 days of your 7 nights stay, besides you enjoyed our sun beds, the view and the atmosphere of our pool area and even organizing your family's dinner party there. We always treat our guests in a fair and empathetic way, trying to accommodate their personal preferences and provide the type of experience they are seeking when visiting us. As a result, we did not charge you anything for your 600.00 EUR incidentals ( extra person 4 nights stay, a complimentary homemade breakfast for 8 pax, laundry service, departure transfer). With a great respect to your feedback, your review is certainly a reflection of your disappointment but is rather not representative of the excellent services, the atmosphere and above all, the hard work that our team members are carrying out on providing the hospitality that we are renowned for. I can assure you once again, that with no great effort from our side we could have resolved the problem if it was our fault. On behalf of the entire team, thank you for choosing our hotel and I hope to have the opportunity to welcome you back again in the near future. Kind regards, Dimitris Bampalis, The owner
Rédigé le 9 août 2018. Cette réponse est l'opinion subjective du gérant et non de Tripadvisor LLC.

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Villa Superview Chrysantina peut accueillir jusqu'à 8 personnes. Voir toutes les informations sur la location..

Villa Superview Chrysantina dispose de 6 salles de bain. Voir toutes les informations sur la location..

Villa Superview Chrysantina dispose de 4 chambres. Voir toutes les informations sur la location..

La durée minimum du séjour à Villa Superview Chrysantina est de 4 nuits. Voir toutes les informations sur la location..

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