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Depuis sept. 2009

Femme de 25-34 ans

Montréal, Canada

Native French Canadian / Iranian I have studied for awhile in Hong Kong, Hung Hom district on the Kowloon side. When there, i did my best to blend in with the community. I am basically fanatic about Asia and have travelled a bit around there. I am currently studying chinese for the 3rd year in a row in order to become fluent. I have also worked in Quebec City for almost a Year. Back home i enjoy taking frequent road trips whenever i have the time (and money). For leisure, i usually travel economically and try to avoid things i can do/experience back home. I am a self proclaimed glutton and will taste anything, though my quality standards are high. My main concern is safety, but oddly i am not a "cleanliness freak". I like pretty scenery and being busy on a trip. My way to travel: THE INFORMED WAY.
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