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Depuis juin 2005

Femme de 35-49 ans


I love to travel and always have. Long ago I remember our family calling out "I can see the water" as our car zipped along a country road towards Lake Huron's Sauble Beach, one of the prettiest beaches in the area. Swimming in clear, clean water on a beautiful beach has always been a favourite thing to do on a hot day, and I like hot days. When I grew up I travelled to live and work in New Zealand, exploring the Pacific Region en route. It was what the Kiwis know and respect as " a working holiday". They do it all the time :) Then when I thought it would be good to give something back to the people of the Pacific region, and more specifically in PNG, I went there with CUSO for a time as a volunteer. At that point, and until that point, I had travelled on a low budget, trying to blend in and respect local customs and language as much as possible, with a belief that people everywhere are good at heart and worthy of respect. But lending a hand in PNG is seldom a straightforward experience. My list of surprises, disappointments and regrets is not small, but I reaped huge and unexpected rewards from the experience... wisdom and learning not to trust too easily probably are among the most important. Now I am older and have a collection of health problems. My husband and I travel for luxury, not for charity or intercultural learning and appreciation. We always try to be respectful when we travel, but travel is for relaxation and recovery from the stresses of our work and life in Canada. We try to avoid exercises in cultural or linguistic accomodation or physical challenge tests. Hence, the recent disappointment with Sol Cayo Largo that you note in my review. Favourite activities to do while travelling... swimming and snorkelling on a great family style beach; walking along easy pathways or in gardens; exploring beautiful areas on road trips, tasting wonderful local or favourite foods and most of all, a great room to come home to each evening. Happy travelling... might see you on a beach sometime!
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